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Earlier Christmas present

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Yes, I got a Christmas present today.


The PSA of today’s results come at 0.85 ng/ml. The Testosterone was 4.89 ng/ml (489 ng/dL).  Tongue Out


These values are lower than the last ones taken in September 2013, and represent a plateau after the steep increase at the beginning of my “vacations” from HT drugs. This is a surprise and difficult to understand but I am thrilled. 

I am on the 20th month of my off-drugs period and  still waiting for the PSA to reach the mark of 2.5 to get a PET/CT image study for locating the bandit’s living quarters. I am enjoying life without the side effects and hopefull to the day I will Zzzzapppp the bandit for good.

The chronology of the PSA while in “vacations” is as follows:

Nov 2011: PSA=0.02, T=0.32 (last Eligard 6-month shot)
May 2012: PSA=0.02, T=<0.01 (End of Eligard’s effectiveness; Starting Off-Drugs perio
Aug 2012: PSA=0.02, T=0.11
Nov 2012: PSA=0.03, T=0.56
Jan 2013: PSA=0.13, T=2.52 (PSADT=1.96 months; PSAv=0.20 ng/ml per month)
May 2013: PSA=0.71, T=3.84 ng/ml (384 ng/dL)
Jul 2013: PSA= 0.73, T=3.44
Sep 2013: PSA=0.88, T=4.90
Dec 2013: PSA=0.85, T=4.86

If interested you can follow my story in the links of my previous thread at;


Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year with health and good results, to all of you.

VGama  LaughingKissKiss


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great news Christmas did come early for you !!

Best wishes for 2014 and many more <1 numbers!!


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That is some fantastic news VG, and I hope it continues for you moving forward. Thanks for all you do here in support of each of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes sent your way as well .


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How wonderful! So happy for you...

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Gotta love it when predictions come true in the form of excellent news and early gifts (even if the details were a bit off): http://csn.cancer.org/node/244938#comment-1267392



hopeful and opt...
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of fine California wine to the good news, and your continued health..............Tongue OutTongue Out

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What a great present!

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Congratulations on the good news. I'll raise a glass of Washington red to your continued good results tonight!

Happy Holidays!


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Congratulations Vasco. This is the type of news that makes the best Christmas gift.

I share with you the passion by red wine , so I will make a toast with Esporão or another Alentejano (Cartuxa maybe) wine.

Have a Happy Christmas


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GREAT news, Vasco, indeed.


Truly an outstanding Christmas present for you.


Have a great holiday season and Happy New Year!

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Congrats on your results!!  Smile    

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 


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So happy to hear about your good results.  You deserve the best.  We all appreciate your contribution here.

Happy New Year


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Fantastic results!  I am so happy for you.

As you can see from the posts you are so important to all of us, we relish in your success and wish you continued good health.  Thanks for all your





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