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Had 2nd 2nd opinon today.

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I liked him. He was so prepared. He had inches of charts and actually read thru it! That alone was impressive. He also was extremely respectful of my onco of 12 years, also impressive.
His appriach is different. First off, I am not a candidate for trials.
1. There are so few adv cancer bc trials that I even fit into, none here.
2. Very little funding in urrent economy.
3. The immune ones that I wanted, are mainly being tried on Melenoma, and then still only a handful get in, still looking at years b4 anything will be ready for human trials on bc. He said even melanoma is risky, not without s/e and issues still to be worked out. Will take years yet.
Good News is he feels that I have not.exhausted all the hormonal therapy. He is not big on chemo for bone mets, even thou I have too many tumors. Says not so effective. His plan is to start tomorrow with scans ( rule out possible new clot, ot tumor in right abdomen whis is causing increased pain and tightness in rt leg and ribs.
Then start me on Feara. I, with my son agreed. Bottom line is it cant hurt. May do nothing, but at least trying.
I will know better prognosis after scans.

New Flower
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wishing you a good luck with your scan. Hopefully you will start on Femara soon and  can tolerate it well.


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I think it's terrific he listened to you and that there is a plan. Action provides hope. And hope is so important. I'll be sending good thoughts for a decent scan. Then on to Femara.



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Although it is a bummer that there are not any trials in immunotherapy, I am happy that he has provided you with  a hormonal route. It is also good that he listens and actually took the time to review your history before meeting with you.  Those are all good signs to me. Sending you good vibes and prayers for an unremarkable scan. Love Surf

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I am glad that you like your oncologist.  It sad to know that there is so few trials for advanced BC due to lack of money.  Maybe we could ask Congress to earmark the money they were suppose to give to charity. The one they promised after they closed the government while  being the only ones that were paid.

Hope your scans are good enough to begin Femara.

Best to you,


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Today I called and canceled my appt with my onco of 12 years. It was really hard as I think the world of him also. Talked to his nurse and told her. She said he would be happy that I got a second opinion and am keeping the door open. She had been telling me for months to get one. Just a fresh appproach and the new one has great credentials. I am somewhat baffalled at the difference. Same records, but a completely different angle of treatment.
Now hopefully the scans will not show too much progression since May, but unlikely with the increased pain.
Thanks everyone, Yes Victoria hope is a good thing and just hearing Hospice doesn't give much of that.

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that you liked your new oncologist and that he has charted a new plan for you.  I hope that your scan results are good and that you will be able to begin the medication.  Keep us posted on your progress.



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Double Whammy
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I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for a good scan and getting Femara on board.  I so admire your strength and perserverence. 


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POSSIBILIES ..  that is hope... YOU are so strong - and I so admire you and your tenancy of taking charge of you Health.

I am sorry to you have to say good bye to your Doctor of 12 years - heart breaking, however, you gotta do - what you gotta do for you, and your well being.

Gentle hugs, and prayers for you.

Vicki Sam



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