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New situation developed over the weekend

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Haven't posted in awhile, been busy with work and family, but all of that came to a grinding halt this weekend.  Last week I had EXTREME fatigue (the kind where my coat actually felt too heavy on my shoulders, couldn't walk in a store for more and 30 minutes without being exhausted).  Then on Thursday evening my heart started racing and raced all night long so I couldn't sleep and I actually had about three episodes of being light headed when I got up.  Well, Friday, I just rested in my chair and Sat felt a little better.  Went to get my hair cut (we women are sometimes so vain that even if we don't feel well, we gotta go see the hairdresser).  Well that was the wrong move, my hairdresser became so concerned that she went to the CareNow place that was next door and got me an appt which I went to after my hair was done.  CareNow doc sent me via ambulance to the ER.  My blood pressue was high and my heart was racing.  All the tests they ran indicated that no cardiac damage and no heart attack, but I am to follow up with a cardiologist as ER doc thinks it is something cardiac related. I got an appt for this Wednesday.

Anyone ever have this happen?  I have been doing fairly well with the tamoxifen, and all the other meds I am  on, but this one has be baffled.  I just don't understand why I am so exhausted.  After radiation this summer, I was tired, but NOT to this extent.  I was diagnosed as being anemic due to the radiation last month, and had actually started feeling better and more energetic with the new iron supplement my onco put me on last month. If anyone has been down this road, I would appreciate hearing about your experiences and your ideas.

Wish me luck at my appointment on Wednesday.




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Did they check you Vit D and B levels,  your potassium and magnesium levels, your glucose level?  Imbalances can cause all sorts of issues that are sometimes overlooked.  I've fought with keeping my D levels up for year before IBC.  To a degree, my B also pre IBC.  1/2 way through Taxol, K (potassium) became an issue - still is, magnesium no problem ever.  Since end of TX, I've become hypoglycemic.  Over time I have learned how to know what I need to do when I feel 'something' -  Hubby is good at 'reading' me and sometimes (especially with the hypoglycemia) and tells me before I realize it.

Just my thoughts on possibilities that are often ignored.  Got to get answers no matter.

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You have given me something to think about and pursue.  We have been struggling to get my Vitamin D levels up since July when my count was down to 17. I have been taking mega doses 50,000 units per week since then and I am now up to 29, so we're getting there.  Found out last month that I am anemic since radiation, and my onco said that the radiation was the cause and now has be on prenatal vitamins for the iron.  I do not  know about my magnesium levels or glucose levels, but my potassium level was OK last month and I do not know about Vitamin B levels.  Will ask when I go to my Wednesday doctor's appointment.

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