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did anyone else get a scam message from a creep claiming he/she has less than 2 weeks to live and, what else???

that, of course, he/she needs help in accessing funds that he/she will donate to cancer research.

the message was sent by someone purporting to be a CSN member and obviously accessed my CSN space.


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I did just get a message from the same person. It is a shame to do this  to people .

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CSN will then need to look at it and take it down.

It makes me miss Tex...since he was on the other side of the pond, he caught those and flagged them before we even got up for the day.


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Too bad Dr. Kevorkian isn't still around to put that person out of their misery.



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CSN Users,

We have identified Helen15 as a spammer, and the account has been deleted. Please do not reply to the personal email address that they listed or share any personal information with them.  While we have taken measures to protect the site from scams and abuse, it still occurs occasionally.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for understanding,


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Great to have you here and good luck with your new job. God knows Greta has her hands full and needs all the help she can get. Smile

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