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going on vacation

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Some of you may remember that I had a thoractomy and that plum size mass removed from my lung past summer. I am still having pain problems from it. The surgeon says that the rib they cut and moving the cartilage, etc, is causing the rib to move around and poke me. He said it would be 6 months to a year before I am healed, and since I am a slow healer, Brian (my SO) and I think it will be a year. They also cut into the area where I already have severe nerve damage pain, also, making it worse.

Well, pain or not, and with the help of my friend, Vicodin, I have started snowshoeing in the backyard.Since I rarely leave the house, I  need to find activites of exercise to do at home.

This year Brian and I are still taking our yearly trip up north to our friend's one room, no plumbing, use an outhouse in single digits/below zero weather and ice fish.

We will be enjoying ice fishing, and if the sun is out, he brings his underwater camera so I can watch the perch below the ice shack swimming and going after my minnows!!

There is no internet, only a few tv channels, and beautiful views. In fact, you need four wheel drive, or snowmobiles to get out there (or snowshoes). And beautiful sunsets on the lake with all the snow.

I am looking foward to snowshoeing in such beautiful snowcovered woods and lake!!

I love our home, yard, birds and critters, but it is so nice that every December we go up north (northern WI) and enjoy things without all the distractions.

Only drawback, is that my dog still has the bad back legs from tearing both ACLs in the back, is getting older now, and has problems with the cold on her paws. We have bought her a doggie lawn chair last summer so she will be off the shack floor and this year, Brian bought a light with a fan so that the hot air from the propane heater goes downward. I wish i had started snowshoeing when me and the dog were younger, but from 2010 to 2013 I had so many surgeries, and when I was raising my son as a single parent, I had so many other things to do.

Anyway, I just thought I would share some good news. I know I am not the most popular on here, but I know there are some on here that like (tolerate)  me.

I do read all the posts on here, and feel sad when I hear your bad news, feel happy when I hear your good news. I don't always post, but I support you all.

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I have plans also to go to England for 2 months, kind of a grand farewell tour (sigh) But we will be doing all sorts of stuff and enjoying life loads!  What do you mean you are not popular,,,,???  You sure are to me!  J xxxx


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Thanks, Tasha. I always enjoy reading your posts (except the sad ones). I just love your since of humor and  how you write what is going on with you!!! I do hope you enjoy your trip to England!!!

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It sounds like you will be having a really good vacation. Don't know if I would enjoy ice fishing since I am one of those people who are always cold but it sounds like you really do enjoy it so have a lot of fun and keep your dog warm.

Don't know why you think you are not a popular person. We are all here for the same reason.



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I also read all the posts but don't always reply.  I also like reading your posts.  I think it is get that you are doing backyard snowshoeing for exercise.  And this vacation sounds very unique.  I hope that you have a wonderful time with your SO and that your doggie does well with the inovations you are bringing to make me comfortable.   I am sorry you feel that you are not popular or as well liked as others.  At different times I am sure all of us have felt that way but I think that the underlying feeling here for everyone is one of friendship, caring and wanting each and everyone of us to have the best health possible.  Some are NED, others are fighting stage IV but all of us have experienced a cancer diagnosis and all of us at some time need advice, support, love, prayers and the caring of friends.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that my kind thoughts, prayers, and support go out to everyone equally.  No one person is more important than any other.  We are friends and family and we want everyone the best prognosis for each other.

So enjoy you trip, come back and tell us all about the cold, the fish, the dog, the SO, and maybe a cute story about it being so cold you stuck to the outhouse toilet (okay maybe not that). 


New Flower
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Have a nice vacation enjoying nature

popular? Sending you a hug

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Ai was origionally from there and so many of my cousins, and some nephews just love Ice Fishing. i know it is fun... but it is so cold. I have no idea how you all do it. Snow shoeing was something I was going to try here, but never had the warm enough clothes (I am always freezing so I dont know that they make clothes warm enough!). Have a great time and I am happy you have something you really enjoy. I do enjoy reading your posts also! And love warm weather fishing. A friend of mine invited my sons to go iefishing a couple of weeks ago... they love to fish but bot hate the cod. Wonder who they got that from. Have a great time and Happy Holidays.


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I wish you a lot of fun! And of course we are waiting for your report when you come back Smile

Enjoy, Carmen

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You are liked, and loved here - so I am sure your kindness and love is shared where ever you go!  Enjoy the ice fishing, and time with Brian.

We will miss you like crazy!Kiss


Vicki Sam

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Well, I post less often yet, but also am reading. I am more often on the anal cancer site as at this time I have more side effects from treatment for that. It was you though that recommended the breastcancer.org site to me and their link to rare cancers after being diagnosed/treated for a rare secretory carcinoma of the breast just a couple years ago. I am still thankful for your advice. Also, I live in central Wi. and although I truely appreciate the beauty of winter I can NOT tolerate the cold and never really got involved in the outdoors unless its VERY warm.......I am here because I married a logger!! Never the less, do enjoy your time up north away from some of the distractions that cloud our days!

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good for you..


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I have never felt you are not popular or loved.  I enjoy your posts very much!  Have a great time!

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Have a wonderful vacation.  You been through so much this year.

I always enjoy reading your post and all the help you give to others on lymphedema and etc.



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Barb A
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Cinnamonsmile, I enjoy reading your posts and know how much you have posted to offer advice and support to others. Know you are loved.

I am also from south-central Wisconsin, so I get what you mean about the cold! Ya Der Hey! Ok, not that far north in Wisconsin! There are definately some beautiful views in this state and I hope you enjoy your vacation. Don't overdo, but have a great time.

Barb A


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