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Delicate subject

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About a month ago I had a black tarry stool for about 3 days, it went ago, so no worries.  Yesterday and today after a bm I have bright red blood.  Btw, I am in remission with stage 4 NHL.  Any help appreciated.

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A black tarry stool can indicate bleeding far up the colon. Bright red is usually hemorrhoidal, or near the end of the trac (rectal area).  I know this mostly from colonoscopy literature that I have received in the past.  Something in the diet can also cause this, but usually not for three days.

I would get it checked.

A family doctor can usually do a hemoccult test in his office, and they are inexpensive.  A colonoscopy is more expensive, but is a major lifesaver .  Begin with a family doc.  Way less expensive than the oncologist.  The GI trac is not a popular place for lymphoma to migrate to, but it is possible.



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Thanks Max, as fast as it came up it stopped.  I find that any little thing that comes up I get so anxious.  Hope that lessens in time. Thans again for the response.

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Hi Carol,

 First thing that came to my mind was...are you taking any kind of new medicine? About 10 years ago my doctor put me on celebrex and after only two doses I had blood in my stool. He sent me for a colonoscopy which came back fine, and then had me stop the celebrex. Once I quit taking the celebrex I didn't have anymore bloody stools. Please call your doctor and get this checked out. Let us know what you find out.

Best wishes...Sue

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Things are fine now.  Like i told Max I hope that I don't get so anxious with every little thing that happens.  Thanks so much for the response.

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