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Happy Birthday (22nd Dec) & Happy Christmas to me!

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Just got back from the Oncologist and my CEA is .5 the best its ever been. 

Something was up in my liver, but he said he'd watch it, patted my shoulder and sent me on my way. 

Time for a spinny dance  .

Colonoscopy next month, but no more trips to the big city for another three.

Yep, I'm a happy camper for sure. 

Thank you for letting me celebrate. I always worry because I know for so many here the struggle is constant. 


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Love your spinny dance too!  Don't worry about posting such good news.  We all need to hear that some of us are doing great, especially when we're not doing so good.  Personally, it gives me hope that I can turn things around yet again.  Have a wonderful holiday season and very happy birthday!  You deserve it.  Traci

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What great news!!!!

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for you im glad you got a good report and happy birthday too its good to hear the great news...Godbless...johnnybegood

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even when my husband had no chance of recovery from his illness I was always heartened when someone shared good news. And for those who are currently suffering while doing their treatments, good news must always give them hope.  I am very happy for you. Many more birthdays to come. The spinny dance thing is great fun, sort of doing the naked happy dance thing. 

Wink Cynthia

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AND happy dance time, Love The CEA.

Celebration time is indeed in order.

Winter Marie

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That is great news.  Glad you get a break for the Holidays.  That little spinny guy makes me a little dizzy Wink.  Enjoy your Holidays.


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Happy birthday! I am so happy for you! Keep it up! Stay healthy!


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Sounds like you got a pretty decent present from your doc!  And I think good news is always welcome.  It offers hope to all of us.

Big hugs~AA

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Good news is always welcome ......enjoy both a wonderful day and is sense of relief. Happy Holidays ~. Ann

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Great news!  Such a nice way to end the year.  You can start of 2014 with a clean bill of health.  Happy Birthday.


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Good news is always welcome...without it we would have a very gloomy site.

May you have many more birthdays to celebrate.


Marie who loves kitties

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What great news and what a great combined B'day and Christmas present.

Best to you for the rest of th eyear as well.



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Great news, thanks for sharing it.  It's great for all of us to hear good news like this, keeps us going.  Congrats and Happy Birthday!


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Congratulations on your great news!  I love hearing positive news.


Happy Birthday!   We also wish you a merry Christmas.

Best Always,  mike

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