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After treatments

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Ladies I am having issues three years down the line and want to make sure you all are aware of these.


If any one gets jaw ache or sensitive teeth please get it checked out.  I have gone down the line of dentists (we have very good ones) but only now diagnosed with jaw bone disease.  This was probably caused if not worsened by chemo and anti estrogen treatment, Tamoxifen is known for it.  I had route canals which did not treat tooth pain in fact got worse because teeth not the problem it is the jaw bone.  Though route canals will be required if not caught in time.  Dentistry after chemo can cause infection which causes this also.  Which is why we are told to have dentistry done before chemo.

Also, I did not get myself a gynacologist.  Us Brits are not into having a doctor for different fields and wasn't told to find one by Oncologist so just plodded on with what I thought was feeling 'normal'.  So ended up with ruptured Ovarian cyst, I knew nothing of.  Now a large uterine Polyps which needs removal after Xmas and testing plus thickness of uterus lining which needed biopsy of.  Bye the way my doctor thought there was nothing going on.  After some bleeding Oncologist told me to get to Emergency ASAP.  They found nothing.  Gynacologist said their scans are better!!!!  Scarey.  Lining and polyps probably also due to Tamoxifen.


So, I went with my gut feeling and came of all anti estrogen fighting drugs just to find out what was side effects, just aging, or my imagination.  One by one all my problems have been sorted.  PLEASE TRUST YOUR OWN FEELINGS AND PUSH, PUSH FOR TESTING.  I got those hypercondriac looks and ended up right.


Of course do not recommend coming off your drugs, its the way I decided to go after three years.  I would not be surprised if cancer comes back but now I feel better than have done for years, lost my second tummy, hot flashes gone (I had them all day and night).  Don't look and feel like a 90 year old.  I totally understand the need of anti estrogens now for ten years  (my mum got breast cancer two more times after her five years were up) but, it just doesn't suit me.  Hoping the fact I had bilateral helps my chances, and never smoked, and gave up drinking alcohol.  What will be will be.


Good luck to all you brave ladies and gentleman - have a good and healthy New Year.



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Thanks for the info

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