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help..dr said possible leukemia..

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As it stands now i am in partial remission for aggressive thyroid cancer so everything on the throid front is all good. But now this..


For the past two months i have been suffering from nausea, headaches, low appetite, easy bruising, brain fog, muscle weakness, joint pain, and fatigue. My endocrine oncologist said this is not thyroid related and i needed to see my family doctor. While waiting for that appointment i discovered three groin lumps. One came up first then two more within a week. Not very large, one feels like a pea and the others are more bean shaped. They are hard, non moveable, not tender, not red, not swollen, and i have not been sick other than my above mentioned symptoms.


I saw my obgyn today who said the largest lump wasnt extremely big so he didnt want to immediately jump into scans right away. He also said there are no infections in that region since he also did a female exam on me. Since there was no infection he said leukemia and lymphoma cause these lumps. He decided to do some blood work as a first step. I had this blood work done a month prior and it was normal.


Has anyone had normal blood work then abmormal blood work a month later? Should i be pressing him for a biopsy or scan? He said there is a lump but nothing obgyn related is causing it so i need to tell my endocrine oncologist.

Any previous experiences are appreciated..



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Yes, let them run more tests.  Only you know your body.  they always tell you some nonsense.  Have them do a scan.

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