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a little concerned.....

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I finished my treatments in June 2013. I had problems with my hips but found out it was just scar tissue from radiation and had to exercise in wich hurts..but in September I had a severe lung infection and had to be put one steroids antibiotics breathing treatments and inhalers! I never have had a lung infection in my life! Then in November I had my port taken out and it was only local they put me to sleep no ventilators ,after surgery I coughed up a HUGE clot and then on the way home coughed more blood and then again that night but I havent coughed blood since then..now I have some pain come and go in my rib area lower right and upper left side..it comes and goes and I have vertigo.My dad had the same cell as I except he had lung cancer and so did his mother I lost them both to lung cancer..I am scared..has anyone else went through this?

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...this is common. Unless you had a CT scan recently, you need one as soon as possible. Lets hope everything will be ok.


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it is scarey..I do have a CT Scan scheduled for tommorow Tuesday..I hope everything is ok and I will move on with my life once this is confirmed that it is ok..I have never in my life coughed up a blood clot..tommorow will be ease of mind

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Good luck tomorrow!

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I had my last treatment Jan 14 of this year. I had my hip hurt too and it still does. In February I started coughing up blood too. I had a CT scan and they said I'm fine. I was told it was a side effect to the chemo and radiation together. Hang in there. I know how scarey this is because I get scared a lot too. I'm sure you will be fine. I'm sending postitive thoughts your way :)

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