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Ct time once again on thursday

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Hello everyone !

Well it's that time once again for my lung scan and spirometry testing.  Seems like groundhogs day when your in the machine.  (never ending)  But in reality it's only minutes even with the contrast (unless they miss your vein a couple of times ... ouch !)  Last time in I thought I was doing better....pipedream.  Lol.  Well I'm still going in with a positive attitude.  If I haven't lost any lung function and still at 27%, I'll say it was excellant results !  I have quite a few friends on the accoi site....adenoid cystic carcinoma that haven't been as lucky and are fighting hard right now. 

My prayers and I'm sure all of yours are with them all in their struggles with this demon dx.  I'm not sure where this journey will take me.  But I know that more education, and demanding the right for proper management of this disease.....even though we are considered an orphan dx without many opportuntities for tx's....will make for a better day for all rare dx's. 

Wish me luck, not only for the re-checks....but for the frigid temps.  -45 windchill this a.m.  brrrr...we use to sing a song yrs. ago (in the lane snow is glistening.....walking in our winter underwear).   Have a great day everyone !   Katie 

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katie, saying lots of prayers for good lung function.  hope u have a thick, warm winter coat.  those temps are enuf to make one very sick.  also saying prayers for your firends and hope they stay strong enuf to continue to fight.

God bless you,


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must have moved east, and now you're getting it!

Tucking you into my pocket dear lady.....and sending prayers and huge positive thoughts that things are better or the same.....that you receive no startling news.  For a day like today, you ask for two warm blankets!!

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Our dear Katie,

I think I detect a little lilt in your voice; your positive attitude will take you far. 

Roasting at 20 degrees,


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Many prayers your way...

I can't even imagine weather that cold.....

At -45, my Corona's would be popping their tops and look like small golden palm trees sprouting from the bottles...


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And I don't mean things made of paper ;) 

Positive thoughts and prayers


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