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Fighting Cervical Cancer Metastasis with Curcumin

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Hi all,

I have been in touch with Dr. Aggarwal (lead researcher on fighting cancer with Curcumin) who's recommended my mom to start 8gms / day Mixed with Milk for 3 months. My mom suffers from metastasis to the chest lymph nodes (cervical cancer metastasis) she is also under going chemo and radio.


I just got the BCM95 (life exenstion brand) of Curcumin, and i started her on 1Gram and will increment by next week. Dr Aggarwal also confirm BioPerine is not useful for bioavaibility. 

Anyone else here on Curcumin for their cancer ? If so, how much did you take and did you get results ? Is there a specific form of curcumin that you tried or a certain brand u got suceess with? Appreciate ur inputs thanks!



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What I do:

MSM/Liph 2x daily,

IP6 4-2x daily,

Turmeric/Ginger/Cinnamon/Black Pepper/Honey/Dandelion Root Tea - 1 tsp ea Turmeric, Ginger, Dandelion Root powder, Royal Jelly; 1/2 tsp Cinnamon; dash of black pepper; steep with green tea for 10 mins in 2 cups boiling water

Turmeric/Broccoli every other day - saute turmeric, garlic, onion, thyme (or basil) in olive oil; add broccoli and stir to coat; cover and cook until broccoli is just tender.

frozen lemon daily,

Beta Glucan,

carrot/celery/apple/ginger blended juice daily


According to my research, turmeric is made bioavailable when it is consumed with black pepper or cooked with olive oil.  I have chosen to incorporate these methods into my daily regimen as stated above.  As you can see, turmeric is part of my overall daily regimen, so I cannot state whether the turmeric is specifically working or if it is working in conjuction with everything else.  I do know that I am NED per 10/3 CT scan and my Navarro number has decreased significantly (54.5 to 55 to 53.5) since starting the above regimen in August.  

Hope this helps.


PS:  I do not have mets.  I was dx in Feb and am using alternative approaches to manage the disease and prevent recurrence.  I had stage 1b1, grade 3 endocervical adenocarcinoma with 2 lymph nodes involved.  I had a radical hysterectomy, but refused chemo and radiation.  The above works for MY situation at this time.  Please do some additional research on your type and stage to find what may work for you.  Personally, I am convinced there are things we can do to help our bodies heal, regardless of whether we choose traditional or alternative primary treatments.  Curcumin looks promising as a "booster" Smile

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Where did you buy BCM95 from? And, how did you contact Dr Aggarwal, I would love to contact him too?

My wife consumes 200-300 ml turmuric juice spread over three times in a day - I buy turmeric and juice it in my juicer. In the juice she adds a pinch of ground black pepper. I dont know how affective this is but I get a satisfaction that it is 100% turmeric and nothing else. Now I dont know how may grams that would be and how much of it is actually absorbed by the body. Other than this she takes curcumin capsules, around 3-4 grams a day. Plus she saute's tomato, garlic, cauliflower and loads of organic turmeric powder and has half a cup nearly everyday. She also juices carrots, apples, beets, bitter greens, ginger, celery, about 1 ltr eaach day. In the juice wheat grass powder and super greens powder is also mixed. There are some supplements like Aloevera juice, vit D, omega 3, green tea extract, ALA etc that she takes. She was diagnosed with Cervical Leiomyosarcoma in Feb 2012. A complete hysterectomy was done to remove the tumor. She has no issues right now, except the stress involved. The last CT in Dec has shown some growth (6-7cm) near the vaginal vault. Interestingly, he has had vaginal bleeding one time on Nov 7th (first time since her sugery) and again a few times on Dec 7th. Exactly one month apart. None in january. We're kind'a wondering what may be going on here. We're trying to resist chemo and radiation until now.

Thanks and God Bless!

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Hi there, i got the BCM95 from amazon.com , Life Extension brand check it out. So far so good no issues with it, high quality products IMO. Let me tell you that the turmeric by itself is NOT enough, i used to think it is but the body absorbs so less of it that it barely makes a difference. For maintenance turmeric alone can be fine but for cancer fighting you need to attack it full on with 8GMS / Day.

As for dr aggarwal, you can contact him at his email: aggarwal@mdanderson.org

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Hello there! I'm so please to find someone else who has found the wonderful effects of curcumin! I just use turmeric everyday in something, and I also use black pepper to help release the good stuff. I was just diagnosed 2 months ago, stage 3b, so it's hasn't been long enough to tell if it's helping or not. I've also changed to a vegetarian, highly-alkaline diet. In my particular case, surgery is not an option, but I also declined rads & chemo.

I've read of some promising research in New York for curcumin-based treatments for cervical cancer, as well as a treatment for HPV. 


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