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Gene Therapy

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I'm sure most of you have read this by now but it's pretty cool stuff pertaining directly to most of us: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/gene-therapy-scores-big-wins-against-blood-cancers-2D11708740# (if link doesn't work then google: gene therapy blood cancer).

My oncologist and others from Roswell are down at the New Orleans conference they mention.  I can't imagine what treatment of our type of cancer (and others) will be within the next 3-7 years.  Honestly, it makes me breath a bit easier.



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Thanks Karl!  That is potentially great news for many folks !

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Thank you for sharing.  We have also been reading and watching.  What wonderful news. It really gives us something to be thankful for.  We hope they are also on the trail for other cancers too.  We wish the best for you Karl on your new journey.  We know you will do well, you have the "I'm gonna do this" attitude.  We will be thinking of you and your family.  Bill & Becky

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I saw this report at several news sites, including my local newspaper. It sounds like the procedure has some similarities to SCT, except that the WBCs themselves are altered, and there is no "farming" of SCs themselves (at least not mentioned in the articles).  It reportedly is hopeful for aggrerssive leukemia, some bone cancers, and lymphoma.


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That's my understanding too, Max.  The thing I like the most about it is that it promotes your body taking on the cancer vs. chemo/drugs taking on the cancer. 

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Thanks for sharing this!  Saw an article online about it - it's very exciting.  I think we are all going to one day benefit from this and other research going on right now.  :)  Makes me feel SO hopeful.  :)



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