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Gorgeous Slovenian Lace!

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I finally went to the mail box a little while ago (it's been so brutally cold, days in the minus or single digits F ; nights down to -19F for the last week+ and our mail goes in one of those big groups of locked boxes down the road, I've only done what I had to do outside and not checked the mail).  

To my great surprise, there was my gorgeous Slovenian Lace that Carmen ,herself, had made.  From what she said, it is traditional but becoming a lost art in her homeland but she has studied years and does beautiful work.

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What a lovely surprise!  It sounds so special and beautiful!

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I am very glad you liked it. Smile

I know I loved doing it, it's very time consuming but it relaxes me a lot.

Take care, Carmen

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It takes talent and patience. What a beautiful gift.

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Sounds so beautiful!   Do you have a photo to share?

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sounds so so beautiful -  Susan.   Love this.


Vicki Sam

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I'm OLD and 'puter 'tupid so I don't know how to post a picture.  I could get a picture with either my Smart Phone or my Tablet but have no clue how to post one to a site.

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