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it's time

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Well it is time for my Vat's tomorow in the windy city of Chicago, I met with the dr on Friday the 6th to get a number of questions answered before surgery , and so now the long dreaded day of Dec the 10th has arrived. Will be so happy to get answers for sure . The dr show ed me my scan I have this little nodule setting right on a artery in my lower left lung , I wonder if it is just a deformed blood vessel (  I REALLY MEAN I AM HOPING) any way the day of truth has arrived . So we head to the city today and tomorrow we will know. I am happy that it was neg on a pet scan so now we will get the thing under a scope and see just what it really is. So am very nervious but am glad at the same time that it will give me honest answers. So just wanted to check in with all you folks and let you all know whats up. I will update you all when I am back up on my feet, thanks for all the susport, here's hoping for a happy ending!!!! HUGS TO EVERYONE

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I will be sending positive thoughts your way.  I had vats and did very well.  I hope that nodule is just nothing at all.  But remember if it is, taking it out is the best thing.  I wish you well.  Lori

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You may not see this till after the surgery but know I was with you in spirit and looking for a good outcome.  

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'Well it over, I had  the Vat's on Dec 10th , it was not a cake walk I can sure say that , I was in ICU from Tuesday until Sat . Still getting around alittle rough, call got the path report today when I called ,I was told everything was benigh YEA YEA DID I SAY YEA. The dr is in tomorow so is going to call and go over the findings of what it exactly is. So I am happy that it is benigh, the Dr had said in the hospital that because of the location of this nodule and the fact something was even growing under it that in time it could of sealed or blocked the artery off and that part of the lung would of in that case died because lack of bood, so all and all I am glad we made the right move in having it taken out, so day by day I am feeling stronger and will be glad when I   feel like my old self. I want to thank everyone who has had my back here on this site, you can only share your fears with people who understand what it really is that you are going thru, you don't want to worry your family you want to be strong for them but all the while you are caving on the inside. So you all mean more to me than you can ever know, I will update you on what the Dr  says when we talk tomorow  HUGS

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Thank you God! he always is on time.

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