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Thera Breath gum alternative. For dry mouth?

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Hey Guys, I recently tried Thera Breath gum (Dr. Katz) and its seemed to work well for me. ( It was the first time i chewed gum in over a year).

 How ever the price of the gum is outrageous. 

What other gums have you guys used with sucess? (I use xilememelts at night and they work great) 

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I have tried a variety of regular gums and dry-mouth gums and find both help.  For the life of me, I can’t remember any of the names (radiation brain).  I really have used them.

I also use the gum to help clean my teeth and help produce saliva.  Also, I keep a supply of those floss picks handy for sprucing up the teeth.

When my radio went off this morning there was some doctor telling the virtues of Xylitol and teeth health.  So, I have that going for me.

Keep smiling (you always do)



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I have tried different gums in the past and finally settled on the Dentene Artic Ice gum. For some reason, I am able to chew it without it drying my mouth out completely. Now, I have extreme dry mouth, I can take a sip of water before sitting in the Dentist chair and by the time the Dentist looks in my mouth, the instruments stick to the inside of my mouth.

I take a sip of water before I start chewing the gum and right after starting the chewing process which in turn allows me to talk for a spell without sipping water every minute or so while speaking. Some of the sugar free gums just didn't do it for me and the Artic Ice has no sugar which we need to be aware of. If you haven't tried the Dentene, maybe it will be a less costly replacement.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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I'm researching a few things and one is substite for sugar. Xylitol so far seems like a great alternative to regular sugar. It can be purchased in bulk at health food stores and it would be great as a substitute for general sweetner around the house. I've tried to ditch sugar all together but that has failed so now second best is finding the most healty alternative and that points to Xyltol. I've not tasted it in a cup of chai tea or a recipe but really hope it works and maybe even enjoy the taste. Don

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