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Scar Question

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Hi there,

I'm currently looking after my Mum who had a radical nephrectomy 3 weeks ago. She had a 9cm tumour. Because she's never been poorly before, she's worrying about lots of things. She thinks she should be doing a lot better than she is, even though we're telling her to listen to her body and take small steps. Today, her scar looks quite pink and there's some redness around it. Do you think this is anything to worry about?  She had her staples out over a week ago, in 3 stages. There were 46 altogether. 

Any my info would be hugely appreciated :)

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Hi ClaireLouise,

It sounds like your mom had an open surgery as opposed to laprascopy? If that is the case that takes a lot more time to recover. Poor thing - 46 staples!

However I am a little worried about it being pink and redness around it. I would call her surgeon's office and talk to them about it. It isn't anything to fool around with.

Let us know how it goes.



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I will add if the wound feels warm/hot, get to the Doctor.  This is onthing to mess around with.  (mine became infected, and opened...a real mess.)

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The incision will be pink for awhile, but red is not good.  An addditional indicator of infection is fever, but regardless of whether fever is present or not infection is nothing to mess with. if in doubt, contact your Dr.

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