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First internal radiation treatment

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Good afternoon ladies :)

Hope this finds you all doing well.

Pretty good here.. having a soooore day.

I had my second round of Chemo on Wen and first radiation on Thur.

My last chemo is set for Dec 27th... and the last radiation will be Dec 18th.

Done with treatement by the end of the month. Then time to heal and find the new normal.


It was a basic process, the radiation...a lil invasive, didn't hurt until last night. 

I am moving a lot slower this time around, a lot more nausea as well.

I'm worried that I am cracking with the pain. I have only 4 more radiation treatments left. (next one on Mon)

Trying to find the bright light. I know it is there.


Hugs and best wishes,


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or are you only having internal? 

They did have the physicist hook up and take off the wire that delivered the radioactive bead to the wand insert by the radiologist.  (I should have counted all the people who looked at my "who-who"!)

Crystal, it is great news that your treatment will be completed by the end of December!  I didn't think it would end, and one of my hurdles was  the delay of the last chemo because my neutraphils (?) were too low that day.  My BFF and I sat there and cried.  We were so ready to be DONE and it didn't happen.  You can do this, but there are days that just a disappointment. 

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Hope you continue to do okay with your chemo and radiation treatments.  I think it would be hard to have both at the same time.  Hang in there,  the end is near.  In peace and caring.

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