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Some good news

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Just wanted to update and share some good news.  Clint had an endoscope last Monday at U of Michigan

(after his 1st round of Oxapliation and Xeloda).  There was no residual cancer found in his esophagus!  There is Barrett's but overall looks good according to the pathologist.  He will have at least two more rounds of chemo then hae a CT to check liver lesion.  I did notice that his AST/ALT counts are back in the normal range.  I don't know where this will lead us (as Mayo talked about surgery if he has "great response") but happy for some positive news.  Clint is feeling well and we're planning to take our winter trips even having chemo administered in Tucson.  I hope his blood counts stay good.

I continue to be somewhat concerned about his port.  We went to our family doc 10 days ago as it continued to be swollen and red.  He consulted with U of M and put him on Keflex.  We had PA who "installed" it take a look last Monday before chemo.  He drained it and said it was a hemotoma and might need to be drained one more time.  It has again become red (blood) and puffy.  I worry about infection.  Has anyone else had this reaction to port?


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