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I,m getting bored with my diet, for the last two months I,ve lived on liquid feed and water. I know I won't be able to taste it but can I have Luke warm sweet coffee through the tube, I hadn,t seen any postings on beverages. I miss the energy surge in the mornings but

I don't want to upset my stomach.

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I am sorry that you are bored with your food.  I never had a feeding tube, pretty much ate a lot of cream of wheat, pudding, soft foods.  It really shouldn't be forever.  This is one phase of recovery.

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Sounds like you could use a little holiday cheer down the tube.  If you can blend it you can tube it  (just about).  There are some long term PEG users here who have a huge list of tube foods.

I am sorry you cannot swallow enough to enjoy your coffee, but your condition will improve (back to normal).

I lived on smoothies for 7 months, happily.  I was just glad to be rid of the beast and eventually things worked out.

Try to stay upbeat, you will get better.


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As Matt stated, go for it, but keep the temperature of your coffee around room temperature, or anything you put thru the tube.  You don't need any stomach cramps.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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sweet coffee down your tube....if it pours it goes Laughing.  Maybe not take a whole cup the first time around to make sure your tum can handle it.  I poured tea, Coke, and once even did Root Beer (figured if I burped it, I'd be tasting it....and I wanted to taste something SO bad).


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