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Lobectomy scheduled.....What can I expect?

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Hi all,

I am scheduled for surgery on the 18th to remove the right lower lobe. A biopsy revealed NSCLC.  They will stage after the lymph nodes are checked with the surgery. 

What should I expect from the surgery?  How is recovery?  I know there can always be complications, but in general what is the normal hospital stay and the return to 'normal' time frame?  Also the pain?

A short background on me: was dx in 2009 with heart murmur caused by aortic valve, will need replaced in future; dx with non-hodgkins lymphoma in 2011, and received chemo, remission 2012; 1/2013 valve replacement recommended, postponed because caring for my mother; 8/2013 pre-op heart cath, shows dialated aorta, CTA scan ordered - results show 1.6 cm on right lung (in previous scans of 2012 this nodule was noted at 6mm, onc said no worry); 9/2013 biopsy confirms NSCLC, referred to surgeon who refuses to do surgery prior to having heart surgery; Consult second surgeon who will do aortic valve replacement surgery and will attempt to do lobectomy at the same time if possible; 10/25/2013 have open heart surgery, replace valve and also does a graft on the root, cannot do lobectomy. (I have to say the OHS was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Was in the hospital 5 days, can't remember having much pain, well medicated. After 6 weeks, I am doing well, only a little soreness when I twist my body, and lack of stamina.) And now on to the next surgery!

I appreciate any comments to help me get through this.


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I had vats on 9-23-10 and went back to work after 1 month.  My stamina has gradually increased and I feel great now.  You might want to register at the Inspire web site it  gets a lot more posters.  I wish you well Lori.

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Just had an upper left lobe lobectomy on January 3. Went home the following Wednesday. They had me up a walking the same day as surgery. Walk all you can to help the remaining lung expand and fill in the 'space'. I am now walking 1-2 miles a day and then have a long power nap afterwards. Slowly getting my energy back. Some days better than others. Good luck with yours.


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