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Hello everyone, and thank you all for your replies on my topic of sleep issues, I'm now sleeping somewhat better, as we found out what may be the cause of the insomnia. My GP hadn't sent me for a full blood workup since 2011 and i asked for one. \it showed my B!2 levels were extremely low.

 I've been taking shots weekly and am on supplements ..just waiting on a new blood test to see what the levels are. They were 142. That is one of the reasons i'm here now ..some of you know i live in Canada..what kind of care do you receive from your GP? Being an Esopagectomy survivor?

  When i had my surgery i had no family physician and therefore no one to ask questions, my surgeon was in and out..but was not taking questions..I developed an anastomotic leak and knew what that meant and was terrified. My surgery was done in a local hospital and the surgeon was highly qualified..but the staff really didn't know what to do with me. This hospital had just started doing these procecures.

I now find my family doctor who i found shortly after the surgery is pretty well the same way..just doesn't know what to do with me. I have to ask to have things checked..like my blood work. I tell him i'm having more difficulty swallowing and he just shrugs his shoulders. I will be seeing the surgeon who took over my case after mine moved and will talk to him about these issues. I realize i really have nothing to complain about..I'm doing well and will continue to do so.


Thanks everyone for letting me vent


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Hi! Glad to hear that you're sleeping better.  My Doctor also put me on B12 shots.  I didn't know that could be contributing to my lack of sleep. I did one months worth weekley & am now just taking it orally.  I thought the insomnia was due to the reglan (that I'm still trying to get off of).  I take a benedryl before bed each night and that seems to help. 

I know what you mean by the doctor not knowing what to do with you.  I got very little instruction after my surgery about what I could & could not eat.  (Eat what you can tolerate & just smaller quantities...) I did not use the feeding tube after the hospital and lived on protein drinks, soup & anything I could whip (tuna & egg salad) & my special treat was Cheeto's.

I let the surgeons nurse know during my last follow up that their patients could really use some help in that area. 

My surgery was in August of 2012 & so far my scans have been clean.  I thank God every day for that & this site which has provided more info & support than any of my Doctor's put together.

Hope you keep doing well,


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I feel your frustration, and can sympathize.  I live in a relatively large city in the southeast, but no one here would take my surgical case.  Luckily, I was referred to UAB in Biringham, Alabama for the surgery aspect of my recovery.  After coming home, I experienced some complications and was hospitalized in my home town. Wow!  What a difference there was between UAB and my local hospital.  No offfense to the hospital here, they just were not equipped for me, whereas in Birmingham, my entire floor was full of recovering cancer patients.  Talk to your surgeon, talk to your closest ACS chapter and ask for suggestions of a GP who is experienced with your situation.  Stick with it!  You've battled before, you can overcome this as well!  Good luck!

Prayers and Support!

2013 Survivor

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