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OT - When do you put your tree up?

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Hi Pink Sisters & Brothers, 


                   My grandson, Ryan and I put ours up the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is a 4 foot tree that we put on a table in front of the window.  As we were decorating it, I left a space in front for my new ornament that I am looking for to receving, and Ryan wanted to fill the space with something now.  He is a very insisted 6 year old and has very little tolorence for waiting.  So for now he has won the fight and some thing is in the space until the new ornament arrives. 


                   When do you put your tree up?




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A week before Christmas is when the tree is put up and is taken down on New Years Day.  Any longer inside would be unsafe - I refuse to use a fake tree.  Well, that was how it was until a few years ago and I no longer do a big tree and my little tree.  I just do the little tree and it comes in 3 days before and out 2 days after.  Little tree is in a big tub and it is a blue spruce  so coming in and getting too warm for too long could kill it when it goes back out.  This will be the last year this one gets to come in as it's gotten to big to get in without a lot of work so come spring it will go in the ground.  What makes it a bit unique is that it is candle lit - not electric lit.  Had to buy another dozen candle holders for it this year.  

When I was 6, I first saw what I thought was the most beautiful tree ever - it was candle lit.  We lived in France then in the early 50's and at least where we lived candle lit trees were the norm.    Being the spoiled USAF brat I was, we had a big tree (11') that was, of course, well lit electically.  The tree sat in the middle of the window that looked out onto the promenade.   One afternoon i had inssisted the tree had to be on before it got dark.  A couple of Nuns walking on the promenade saw it and came over to ask if they ran back to the orphanage and got the children would it be possible for it to still be on so they could see it.  Our maid said yes and came back in to tell Mom the tree they were coming to look at the tree.  Mom told her they had to get busy making hot chocolate and cookies to be ready.  Madame protested saying the Nuns would never let the children take our food as it was too much to take away from us.  Mom told her to go out when they gotthere and tell them if they hesitated that the chocolate and cookies would be wasted as there was no way we could eat it all.   They did actually come in and have some treats.  It's all in perspective - to me, my/our tree was pretty but nothing spectacular - to others it was.  To others - their candle lit trees were to them what my tree was to me- but to me that candle lit tree was the most beautiful tree I have ever seem.

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Christmas in Europe is so different. We lived there in the 80's (Air Force pilot husband) and were delighted with the twinkly white lights. They do not use colored lights at all. Our first Christmas in Germany,  I pulled out our American style bubble lights and quckly ruined them by plugging them in. The different electricity melted them!

We may not have a tree at all this year. I'm going in for another surgery tomorrow and doubt if my husband will put it up by himself. Our children are all grown and living far away.

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Way back in the '50's as a 6 y/o, it was drilled into my head that anytime I plugged anything electrical that we had brought from the States, it had to be plugged into one of the step-down transformer boxes.  (None of my tree lights, including my bubble lights, had any problems.)  

 We did bring a couple of electric things home and they had to be plugged into a step-up transformer back in the States.  Basically - USA 120 v:  Europe 240v.



One Christmas tradition (at least from the area of France we lived in),  I did bring back with a slight change and still do today.  Hay/dry grass was put outside their door in their wooden shoes (wooden shoes common in our area) for Pere Noel's horse.  Well, the 9 reindeer (8 + Ruldoph) need something too.   I have a 4' x 8' sign that is well lit, that says "Reindeer

Fuel" and put at least a bale of hay out with it - reindeer eat alot but are very messy.






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We cuts our the week prior and put it up and then take it down New Years Day...



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I put mine up the first week in December (this weekend) and take it down the day after New Years usually.

Just a little small box tree with lights and a few sentimental ornaments. I usually put it up on top of the entertainment stand where it can be seen from all through the apartment and can be vaguely seen through the front window when people walk by.

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it goes up and New Years Day it.comes down. Growing up it was Christmas Eve up and January 6th (3 kings day). down. But we had real trees. I am allergig to the pine so we only had one real tree, our first Christmas. It went.up Christmas Eve and was out of thenhouse by the 26th. I love the smell and how beautiful the real trees are.

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We usually put ours up the second weekend in Dec. I am not sure this year since my husband just had surgery on Monday and will not be doing much for 6 to 8 weeks. I don't think I will be going all out like usual but the tree is a necessity.



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Instead of having Christmas at my house, my oldest and her husband are hosting it at theirs....about a 3.5 hour drive away.  Seems weird to me,

especially since my LAB is not allowed to come :(           I call her my Therapy Dog :)


So, I bought a gorgeous tree from Hobby Lobby with clear lights, red berries, and snow already on it!!  I think it is beautiful !!

I also decorated my house a bit, and am trying to feel the Christmas spirit.  Just thanking God that I am here to celebrate.




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Sometime after Thanksgiving.  Our goal was to finish it today, but I am getting over pneumonia.  We bought one (still do real tree) and got it up with lights on.  Ornaments will go on this week.  Danny finished outdoor lights today and Katherine finished her marathon cookie bake.  

I was ordered to stay on the couch.  Bella said that because I have "ammonia", I should stay in bed and Danny should bring me breakfast and dinner.  I guess I am on my own for lunch.  She says that is how you get better when you have ammonia.  Lol.

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we cut our tree on Sunday and now in huge bucket of water. We will put it up Sat. afternoon.


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Do you put sugar in the water?

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