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bad blood

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Hello y'all! Haven't been here in a while. Been working and living and enjoying as much food as I can Lol. Had a recent scare though and who better to ask than you great people :) apparently, my last trip to the doc met with some questionable blood work :/ although she had originally told me I didn't need a pet right now, she changed her mind and set me up one for next week. Now, do I need to prepare myself for the worst or do you guys think this is merely a precaution? I'd appreciate any advice right now. Cancer I thought was a distant unwelcome guest and I'm scared it might have shown up at my door yet again.

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can see in your blood.....was this a regular CBC?  I didn't know it would show indications of cancer.....I'd call back and tell them you've been thinking this over, and would really appreciate knowing what the Dr. saw that would make it necessary for a PET.  Because she changed her mind, after orginally saying you didn't need one, I'm inclined to belive she's being cautious...nothing wrong with that, but I sure wouldn't prepare for the worst.


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Sorry to hear about your latest problem, I pray the results of your PET will be normal.

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Like P said..., as far as I know, there is no marker for our type of cancer....

So as she also said, discuss with her just what she saw that made her decide on a PET.



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So it is my liver function test. Its elevated. She keeps asking how I'm feeling in this weird way Lol. I did have the scan and she said there is no strong evidence of reoccurance? How about NO evendence of reoccurrence lady :/

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