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Help...kind of freaking out

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Hi! Sorry I have bern away for awhile. Had a partial nephrectomy on sep 3rd. My tumour was about 3.5 cm grade 2 clear cell rcc. Right after the surgery I had a chest CT which showed 2 nodules...2mm in one lung and 3mm in the other. Went yesterday for my 3 month follow up scans...pelvic abdominal and chest ct with and without contrast. See dr on the 12th for results. Guess I just needed to talk to someone who understands...the anxiety is so difficult. If biofuels in lungs have grown does that move me from stage 1 to stage 4? Will be doing these scans every 3 months and feel liany than living in3 month chunks...does this get easier? Sorry for going on...just having kind of as rough day...thanks 

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The Stage 1 means it's self contained within the kidney and not larger than 7 cm.  it it has metastacised to another organ, it becomes Stage 4.

Without having to leave this site to look things up, I would refer you to doing a web search for something such as Kidney Cancer Staging.

Be hopeful and go for the drug treatments.  I had Stage 4-with it in the liver and nodes.  My friend in support group had Stage 1, that went to the lungs a year later. She had a lobee removed, and then IL2 a year later.  Both of us started the journey in 2006 and are here to encourage you as you join the "Roadmap Abdomen Crew."

And yes, there are rough days.  Hope this is a short one.



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My neighbor Faye across the street was first diagnosed with Rcc because of nodes on a chest xray which led to a Neph. etc. She was a young 64 than and is only 82 now.



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My dr says the nodules may not be related to the rcc...this 3 month scan will show if they have changed at all...

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having just gone through my husband's first 3 month scans, the anxiety was horrific; his results are posted online to his chart so I read the reports and used google every other word.

the oncologist visit a few days later told us what his interpretation was and although I had much of it right, clearly not what he said.

he told us 3 months but mistakenly wrote 6 months and I half wish we could stall it.

as someone said, it may not be as bad as you fear. If the cancer has left the kidney for another organ, it is stage 4.


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Oh Zoe....  Based on your pathology, it is unlikely that those spots are RCC.  And at 3 MM or less, they are too small to know much for sure... and too small to treat, and I think you said you only have 2 of them.  Those spots could be nothing... hope so...

BUT, going zonkers won't change anything... it is, what it is... soon you will know for sure... then in the (unlikley) event it is Cancer, well you would have several options... well most likely more than just several...  So try to think good thoughts and enjoy if possible..



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Thanks Ron...trying my best to think good thoughts! :)

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At 3mm there is a good chance it is just scar tissue from a previous infection. If they get bigger, it is stage IV.

it has been a year since I had any lung issues, but I recall my Dr saying 70-80% of people have some sort of lung nodules even without cancer

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I hope you're in a better place today.  Anxiety is vicious!!   I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax and stay focused on positive thoughts. 


Try to enjoy the holidays!

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