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organ donation on DL

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Hello everyone,

I have to renew my DL this coming January.  I found out that I need to take off my listing as a donor (organs) due to my dx.  I'm a little bummed, (35 yrs.) as I have always believed in this wonderful way of giving another a chance at life.  I don't know if this is for all cancer dx's, but for sure mine.  ADCC.  Well I guess I'll have to figure another way to pass it forward.  Positives sent out to all !  Katie

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Bummer, I assume it is the same with donating blood?  There are other avenues for body donation, maybe not so much for parts, but for science.

Your heart is in the right place, just the wrong condition, sorry.

You are a compassionate and thinking woman,


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your post, I read the "DL" as "CL"....and I thought "what??  Organ donations on Craigslist???"....LOL. 

Like Matt said....your heart is in the right place.....some things we just can't do anything about.....Maybe we can donate our whole bodies to science, huh?  I might look into that.  You're right about donation being a wonderful gift to those in need, I don't see why some folks have a problem with it. 

Positives sent back to you, sweet lady!!


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More than likely each state is different...

In Florida, I believe you have to be cancer free for five years to be eligible... Though when I renewed my license, they never asked and I didn't think about it.... It's been on my license for decades...

Hoping you're gonna be holding on to your organs for many years K..


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You may not be able to donate for organ use but you can donate for education purposes. My neighbor's mother in law just passed at 92 and she willed her body to a nearby university that accepted it and will return her cremated remains in a month or two. Don

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dear sweet katie, always thinking of others, even in your situation.  you are truly a remarkable woman.  i'm sorry you can't be a donor but your heart was in the right place.  we need more people like you.  i agree with P, i don't see y people have a problem be'n a donor.  God bless  you, Katie.


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Nope can't donate blood either.  And I think John is right for most dx's.....5 yrs clear for donation.  But my dx is a sneeky little bugger....we can keep it in check but not ever get rid of it.  P I laughed so hard when you mentioned craigs list !  Can you imagine !  Hee-hee.  This was just something I threw out there for others to think about.  Thank you all for the suggestions, something to consider.  Hugs sent to all !   Katie

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Katie your heart would be a step up for anybody in need and I'm not talking the mechanics part. With your compasion you have donated your heart many times on here.

Enjoy the day


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I am so glad you posted this . I had thought about not being able to donate blood but had not thought about the donor part . My MIL  donated her body to the U of Texas and they sent cremated remains Back but it was about 2 years . 

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