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PET Scan/Tonsil Cancer

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I wanted to let you all know that my 1 year after treatment PET scan came back NED.  I am relieved and happy. 

Last year at this time, I was nearing the end of my treatments, I was beyond scared, feeling horrible, and really depressed. It was a miserable time.  Even though I was surrounded by loved ones, I felt alone with the cancer.   I wanted to post this  for those of you who are currently in treatment.  Please take this one day at a time and keep focused on the final goal and outcome.  It is hard to believe how much progress your body can make in one year.  

As I mentioned before, I do have some minor after treatment issues that I am dealing with but it's a pay off that is well worth it. 

I hope that my posting will give you some hope and comfort. 


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NED.  Yup....it sure is worth it, and being a year out of treatment is something to celebrate.  Congratulations, Joanie....


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Congrats on the NED. Every one is a test on one's stress levels and a big relief once you get the all clear. It is very nice to return and post your progress as it does bring sunshine and smies to those following behind and wondering if this every gets better. Thanks, Don

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Very nice to hear you are NED! 

Keep getting better and stay happy.


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WTG Jo-NED-kickazz-anie....


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Thanks - as another newbie this is great news, postive and helps enormously with moving forward - congrats, keep going with recovery and thanks for giving hope and information, education and letting us lean on you -

All the best


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congrats on the NED!!  that's what the newbies need to hear!

God bless you,


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Congrats on the NED!!


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We all remebr those times. Back in the treatment days I sometimes felt while on the exam table or chair that everyone was looking at me asking how can we torcher him today. We all had that alone feeling.  I wish I had frequented this site while in treatment. The fine people on here can help in so many ways.

Heal on


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