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how can I get rid of blisters in my throat and roof of mouth. I,ve been to my doc twice and the medication he prescribe isn't any good. I also have a white coat growing on my tongue like curd. what causes thrush. I,m on OSMOLITE 1.5 bottle through PEG tube. I,ve not had anything by mouth for a couple of months. saliva is like thick soapy white bubbles and its beginning to get me down.My throat is blocked. onc said on last visit throat should get better but so far it isn't. has anyone experienced this and how did you get rid of it

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Had the same thing your having right now,started with the tube and everything I took didn't work,The only thing that helped was taking the (Nystatin from my pharmacy) and swishing it around and spitting it out.Keep in mind I was not able to swallow either.The thrush never really went away till I finally started swallowing the Nystatin,I know it's tough to swallow but even just a little seems to help it out,Good Luck,Also was told by my oncologist that i needed to try Yogurt if i didn't like the taste of Nystatin and I was taking meds for being nauseous all the time

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Sorry to hear that. The joy of post treatment. I keep banging on about it but bicarb mouthrisnes worked wonders for me blister and mouth wise. I am sure you are doing this already but just a thought. I am 7 months out and still bicarb rinse twice a day


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I've had it so many times I almost have a standing perscription at the pharmacy.  When I go in the staff goes "oh no, not again".

Anyway, fllconazole works really well.  It's a pill you take for fourteen days and it WILL eliminate the little beastie.  What it is is kind of a fungus infection and it is pure ugly.

Get the pills.  You'll feel better in just a day or two.

As for the blisters, Caphosol worked really well for me.


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If you have sores on the tongue, ask your dentist to use red spectrum laser on them and they will heal quickly!  Just went through this.


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Diflucan (fluconazole is the generic name) ALSO comes in liquid form.....when I had it, nothing was going into my mouth.....I could swallow, but between the mouth sores and the thrush, everything stung so bad, I'd get tears even with plain water.  Anyway, the Diflucon liquid came with a small syringe.....I'd just pour it down my tube, and flush with a little water.  Nystanin clears thrush from the outside in....topically.....Diflucan cures it from the inside out.  For back up between doses, you can disolve Acidofolus tablets (get at the health food store) in water, and just hold them in your mouth...swish around.....it also helps contain the fungus.


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I rang my doc tonight, told him the drugs he prescribe weren't doing any good so he,s sending me out some anti biopics hope work 

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So sorry that you are going through this.  Antibiotics will CAUSE thrush.  You need an anti-fungal.  Phrannie and others have given some of the names of medicine.  Get rid of toothbrush or cleam it.  I had thrush the entire time I was going through treatment the 1st and 2nd times.  It is NOT fun.

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Attack it internally for best results.  Ask dentist about laser for mouth ulcers, it really works wonders.  Try probiotics to build up a healthy gut so you won't keep having thrush as often.  Best of luck to you.



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