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Her2 positive

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My dad who has recently been diagnosed as stage IV EC  is able to take herceptin.   He will start in the next day or two!  We are hoping this will help him.

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I'm a fellow Stage IV guy.  In 2008-9 I was successfully treated for stage III EC.  In 2011, I had a recurrence in a lung and was given 7-8 months.  I wasn't a candidate for surgery or radiation.  Fortunately, I tested HER2+ and started on herceptin and folfox.  I had a complete response and I continue to have clean scans.  I am still receiving herceptin weekly (just went past the two year mark last month).  For me, at least, the herceptin has been a game-changer.  Hopefully, it can be for you as well.  


Hope all goes as well as possible for you guys,



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Thanks for the news.

My husband started Herceptin May 2013. He is going to have a pet scan DEC 12 '13 . Last scan showed very good response .

My husband's oncologist when she announced the results of the test for Her2 said " I have good news for You" meaning that being able to take Herceptin is good news.


Let' s hope it works well for everybody  .

all the best,


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