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fluid in lung UPDATED

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jim and i
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Jim has not been feeling well for a few days. I thought he was just down from not being able to fish because of the weather. This morning around six he woke me saying he was in extreme pain in his chest. Exray showed fluid in his left lung. We are waiting for the oncologist's nurse to call so they can work him into the schedule. He did agree to have the PET Scan the oncologist recommended a month ago. Our daughter Ann said it was amazing how pain can change a person's mind.  The ER doc prescribed Cipro to help clear the fluid but Jim cannot swallow that large pill. I guess I will call pharmacist to see if it can be crushed or available in liquid. Please say a prayer for Jim.



UPDATE 12/3/13

Oncologist has scheduled PET for next week to get a better view of Jim's lungs. Jim pain free so far today. Jim's left lung has only about 60% capacity now.

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I am sorry for Jim’s discomfort.

Good thoughts and prayers for feeling better and more fishing.


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Definitely you are both in mine....


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Prayers coming to both of you.  Pills can be crushed as long as not time released.  I have to explained time and again that my husband can't swallow so all medication has to be something he can crush and put in his feeding tube or be in liquid form. 


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Deb.  I'm glad he's decided on the PET scan.....your daughter's right.....pain is the touchstone for change.....I'll bet there is something he can have that is either liquid or can be crushed....if the Cipro can't. 


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Thoughts and prayers that this is easily taken care of and Jim feels better.

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had exactly the same, thought I had pulled a muscle xray showed fluid on lungs, had CT scan and lung biopsy but apparently talking to the radiologist it is in the chest cavity and possible damage to a rib , should get results later today, on top of that had meeting with my throat specialist yesterday and have a lump on my tongue so have to have a biopsy on that in a week or so.

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mike, hope the results r good.  very sorry to hear about the tongue.  i'm praying its nothing!!!  be sure 2 let us know what u find out.

God bless you,


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Dusting off my longest casting rod/reel combo and slinging a hook full of prayers Jim's way....


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Life will be different for Jim, but not necessarily horrid.  My lung function is 27% for complete lung function.  The pain can get out of this world some days.  But then I just say o.k. todays gonna suck.  I do things way different than 2 yrs. ago, but refuse to give into this condition. 

I'm not saying my way is the best way.  I'm just saying Jim will get this figured out to have the best quality he deserves.  You lady are a jewel, and Jim is a very lucky man to have you walking by his side.  My thoughts and prayers are in your corner always !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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