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Interesting article

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This is a study by Harvard and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  


Hope everyone had a safe and terrific Thanksgiving.


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I ate some trail mix today and I feel wonderful. 

Maybe I did not read the very end of the article, but is there some benefit for me, now?

The good taste put a smile on my face.


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The gist of the article is people that eat a handful of nuts a day have a 29% reduction in death from heart disease and 11% less chance of dying from Cancer.  Though, in your case, you might live forever.  :)



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"For example, they found people who ate more nuts tended to be leaner, to eat more fruits and vegetables, not smoke, be more physically active, and drink more alcohol."


I love the "drink more alcohol part"   Almost got to think it's a typo unless it is red wine at dinner that is being measured. Probably not a good idea for us H & N folks but a rather strange finding nonetheless. Bottoms up!

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chopping up extra pecans on my Butter Pecan icecream counts as "a handful of nuts"....if so, then I've been following this religiously for the last 9 months Laughing.


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Being I am a vegetarian and my main food is pecans I hope to live till 150. My wife makes all my food from Pecans or Cashews. I am not sure how she does it but when I could swallow it tasted better than any meat product. Now she makes it like hamburger patties so all I need to do it to put it in the blinder with a potato and a little gravy and away it goes down the old tube.


Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don’t


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Remeber that word they use in there a lot MAY.Like it may reduce or may extend wished it would say has been proven and or scientifically been tested,But interesting article

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