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I know where to come when I need some answers and it is right here.  I have finished chemo several months ago and had a lumpectomy.  Still have to have the rest of my Neulasta treatments and radiation.  Had to put it off till I could get some financial help with my co-payments and medical insurance payments.  Now the question - I am usually cold and I have been wearing several layers of clothing.  But if I get too warm I start feeling itchy mainly from waist up.  As soon as I cool down I am back to normal - cold/cool.  Any one have this problem.

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Have you had the opportunity to discuss this with you Oncologist or his/her staff ?  Heat/warm is bothering your body and skin - .  I hope they can offer you some help..  Or perhaps, someone here on our site can provide additional information for you.


Vicki Sam

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