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what you did for Thanksgiving.

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I thought it would be nice if we shared how our Thanksgiving went. Two of my wifes sister came down with thier kids. We watched football rode atv's and ate a big traditional dinner. Friday we did more atv riding shot some baskets had left overs for dinner and watched a great basketball game (go Thunder). I also got in plenty of mountain biking and motorcycle riding.

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It sounds like you had a wonderful time. 

My husband was working night shift, so we had our Thanksgiving dinner at two. We joined the rest of his family and had the usual turkey. I made my signiature mash, and some lovely cranberry orange sauce and rolls. Also took a nice spiced Wassail.

It was a very relaxed dinner and I enjoyed it thouroughly.

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As I'm the hostess, I'm lucky to get a walk around the block.  I always end up feeling like I ate my weight in turkey.  And wassail sounds delicious, trubrit!  Do you have a recipe?

I had a party of 25 at my rather small house.  Put tables from end to end across the length of the house, and once you sat down, there was no moving.  I keep hoping one branch of the family will do something so rotten that I have to disown them, but no luck so far.

It was also a couple of weeks past the one year anniversary of our mom's death, so it was bitter-sweet in some ways.  She would have been pleased that we all got along, and no one used one of the many empty wine bottles to bop someone else over the head.

I am kind of mad, though, that one of my sister's made off with almost all the left-over white meat.  Imo, a late night turkey sandwich is even beter than the dinner itself!

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This is my Thanksgiving or Autumn Wassail. I also have a Christmas Wassail.

I also cut this down by half and quaters when I need less. 

Thanksgiving Wassail

2 Quarts Cranberry Juice (I always use 100% juice)

2 Quarts Apple Juice

1 Quart Water

A good squeeze of fresh Lemon jucie

1/2 cup sugar or honey (or put in whatever suits your taste buds). 

2 cinnamon sticks.

An Orange, sliced

In a cheesecloth bag:

1 1/2 teaspoon Allspice Berries

1/2 teaspoon Whole Cloves

Mix all the juices, drop in the bag of spices, the cinnamon stick and a couple of the Orange slices; bring it to a boil over a medium heat.

Lower heat and simmer. 

When the bag sinks the Wassail is done. 

Serve with fresh Orange slices. 



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 I have to ask...no alcohol? Laughing

How does one wassail properly with no alcohol??

Just kidding!  Sort of...

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No alcohol for me, but you can plonk in as much as you want .

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That sounds good. I might try that for Christmas.

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I wish there was an "edit" function on replies.

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We postponed our Thanksgiving feast a few days to accomodate as many of my folks grands and great grands as possible.  As our family grows, it gets more complicated trying to arrange holiday get togethers.

Our original plan was to have it at my sister's house so that she could attend but with her passing we almost canceled it all together.

My daughter convinced my mother that it was important to have the holiday as usual at my folks' house.  16 of us met and ate too much of the traditional feast and had a pleasant day.  I think it was a good decision as it kind of broke the ice for the Christmas get together.

Even with my sister's passing, we as a family have much to be thankful for...most of all the youngest generation who can still make us smile with their antics.

Hope all of you here had a good holiday.

Marie who loves kitties

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My husband and I made a nice traditional dinner and ate it with our daughter. Our other 2 children live out of state, so we spoke on the phone. After dinner, we brought dinner and dessert over to my brother and dad and visited for a little bit. We didn't stay too long because my brother was wiped out. Yesterday I was sick all day, woke with a migraine and was vomiting most of the day. The hubby took really good care of me. Today I feel so much better. I've been relaxing all day. I'm glad it wasn't the flu or a virus because I have to take my brother to the doctor tomorrow. I think all the stress of the last few weeks just caught up with me on Saturday. I need to really slow down and start taking better care of myself.

Wow, mountain biking in December, that's awesome. It has been really cold here, not exactly biking weather. i think it's time to move south and enjoy some more sunshine! :)

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JAnderson... thank you so much for starting such a great post.

but, i have to say that my word pause in your first sentence made me laugh....  (read it again and pause after 2 of your wives) I began to think... Heck, how many wives does this guy have?    hahahaha.


anyway, thank you for sharing and for getting fun posts and strings going like this.


for me, we went to my wife's (only one) sisters house and my four kids and their three kids, and as always another 3 20'somethings that are friends of our kids were along as we always make room for college kids who have no place to go... so that makes it lots of fun and we had two tables full for a meal for 21 poeple, and its amazing when we go around the circle to share what we're all thankful for... to hear the passion of appreciation from so many 20somethings is awesome.

Life is so precious as we all know, but to be able to provide a positive impact on teenagers and 20somethings is awesome stuff.

and, today we had a turkey day meal at my sisters house, with my mom in from florida, and my brother and his kids in town... we had 16 for dinner today.

Many blessings of thanks and appreciation to all on CSN.

continue the Battle Mode!






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Good catch Joe. Only one wife LOL.

Cathleen Mary
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I spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family which includes a college age niece and nephew.  They both brought home classmates who live too far to go home for a long weekend and we had a great time together.  I had stayed with them for several months when I was first diagnosed, recuperating, and in treatment. They were sooooo good to me.

This time, I was two days post biopsy and D&C, awaiting results, and it was a a tender, loving place to be. 

I am acutely aware of the abundance of blessings in my life.   All of you are among them and were remembered.


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Well my daughter, Christy,  arrived from Chicago on Tuesday evening along with her pets.  Spent Thanksgiving at my nephew's home.  Nice gathering, with lots of yummy food.  Christy then took off early Friday morning to return home.  I'm glad the weather was good for driving for it is about a 4 to 5 hour drive as she was leaving for vacation on Saturday.  She visits often and I am so thankful for that.  When I visit her I take Amtrak rather than driving, it is cheaper and direct to Union Station in Chicago.  We are trying as best we can to find our new normal with George gone so I am happy she is taking a break from worrying about me and taking a trip.  My daughter has been wonderful to me and we have really grown close, I don't know how I would have gotten thru the last year without her.  Anyway, she will be visiting Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Hong Kong.  She started a blog for her trip and I learned something new today, how to respond to a blog.  Anyway, thats about it.  House is quiet now except for her pets which she left with me for about a month. 

Love to All - Tina

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that just my son and I shared together as it was the six month anniversary of my husband's passing. In years past, I would always cook and our small family ... husband, son, and I ... would usually be joined by others ... friends, faculty, or students and their assorted dogs who had no place else to go for the holiday. We have no family in our state. All day long there would be activity, a fire in the fireplace, music, and football on the television. After eating, we would all take a hike from our house through the woods and along the banks of the river just to shake some of the food off. 

This year, I did not cook but ordered a prepared meal for two from a local restaurant. We also decided not to have company, but to instead spend the day quietly remembering the past holidays when we were all together and adjust to our new reality. We did take a walk in the woods with our pup after we ate. 

Life goes on whether I like it or not without my husband and for our 25 year-old son without his father. But, my husband would want us to live life and pursue happiness to the fullest as he always did. Next year perhaps we will be ready to fill the house with company again.  This year it felt good to have just each other.

I wish you all the best and enjoy hearing how you spent the holidays.  

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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We had Thanksgiving in the hospital.  I had planned to order the ready made meal from the grocery store, but two friends cooked the whole meal and delivered it to me on Wednesday.  Thursday, our middle guy went to the hospital early to watch the parade with dad and then the rest of us went up after I had heated all the food.   My father in law and brother in law joined us for dinner and my mom and aunt came later for dessert.  It was a nice day and we all appreciated the fact that we were together, regardless of where we were. 

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Thanksgiving was always Ron's big cooking holiday preparing the turkey his own special way & I was in charge of the side dishes. I really couldn't face the thought of doing it without him, so just cooked a ham & side dishes.  My son & grandson pitched in along with their dog, Tatum, who is now darn near as tall as my kitchen island when she raises her head.

The guys watched a little football & we talked to JBG. She & her family had dinner at her dad's.

I suppose I'm still in a fog. It did not feel like Thanksgiving to me, but I'm glad everyone had a nice holiday.



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That sounds great Jen. Thank God for good friends. Your story reminds me of my last surgery. One of my wifes customers cooked a whole meal for us to take home and eat the night before surgery. A bunch of people got together and cooked a bunch of meals that we could freeze and heat up while I was in treatment.

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Fortunately I was not at work. Unfortunately I was with my in laws who are brain dead! OMG thank God I loaded my nook.

The kind of people who stay in the house all the time and have never been on a vacation.


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I had dinner at my house since the pharmacy gave me the wrong medicine and the diarrhea was rampant so we couldn't go to my brother's house in Washington as is our tradition.  So my kids decided to come to our house this year.

As we sat around the table ready to give thanks there was this moment of silence, which was broken by my three year old grandson who looked at the bounty on the table then raised his arms in cheer and loudly proclaimed "HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!!! There was so much laughter and good cheer that we forgot to give thanks.

It was a great dinner and company.

Winter Marie

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That's adorable.  :)  Kids often say the darn cutest things.  :)

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Very funny Marie. At least you were with family

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Because we have 8 kids and  11 grandchildren we had about 25 people here and not everyone showed up.  I cooked a 25 lb. turkey and 6 lbs of kielbasa.  It was a great day, but I'm telling you the grandkids have so much energy.  Where do we get that from - all that energy I'd love to bottle up.  Hope everyone's holiday was special.


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All in all I had a good Thanksgiving. My husband and I took our 2 girls out to eat since we were ousted by his family (long story) and what's left of my family are too far apart and have their other families. Going to try to get my sister and brothers and their families together between now and Christmas for our get together. Never have since our parents died, but since my Diagnosis in April, we are trying to make more of an effort to get together. This is my wish anyway and they are trying to accommodate it.

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