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The non-perscription/home remedy/strange that it worked/ kinds of things that work for you

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Hi Im new to the site. I was diagnosed IDC stage for 1993. Im in my second year cancer free.

Id like to share and learn about some of the different things that have worked for us during our journeys..

For instance when I was bald my scalp was dry, itchy etc. Nothing in a jar seemed to work and my doctor had very little suggestion.

I did a little research and starting making my own cream for my head.. it worked so well people who didnt have cancer wanted it.

Id use a combination of shea butter, vitamin E, aquafor, etc.. basic natural things. and combined them in a little jar to an oily/creamy consistency.. a little wierd, no medical prescription but who cares.. it worked! LOL


I also did something similar after radiation when my skin started to burn and become irritated.

Please share what unique little remedies and things you found to help you.. It just may work for someone else.

Thanks & Good luck to all those fighting!!

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This is a great idea!

I have a simple but helpful way to deal with redness under the nose from the taxotere nose dripping.  Buy a stick of blistex or vaseline.  Marke "nose" on it with a permanent marker.  Use it under your nose each morning to protect the skin.  Wipe off the top of the stick with a tissue after to reduce germs.

My daughter actually thought of this one after a cold left her nose raw, but it really helped me with that taxotere runny nose thing that happens.  Very, very simple and easy but effective for us.

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Yes this does work.  I use every day in winter to protect under nose area.  I also use on under the bust line spotting, especially in summer heat.  Gets rid of spots and pimples quicker.  Vaseline used too but can dry out skin too much making worse.  


When hot flashes hit hard ALL day and ALL night I had a hand fan with me at all times (World Market has nice ones not just the Chinese type) and cheap.  The best thing ever did was a ceiling fan at the foot of the bed.  Instant relief when burning up.  


When losing hair.  Sounds terrible but worked.  I took last of hair off my using wide sticky tape, no pain as hair was ready to fall out.  So you are smooth and it all starts to grow back evenly, I had no dryness or itch.


No taste during chemo.  I loved strong fruit candy, zinged your mouth and gave relief from metal taste.  Also Greek Yogurt, flavored.  



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Domeboro soaks are what finally healed my very SEVERE rad burns.  (I have the scars to prove how severe they were LOL)  Try to keep a long story short - I had done everything I could to prevent burns and thought everything was fine, as did my Dr.  The morning after last rad (25th), I woke up to the entire irradiated area bistered and open.  We did lots of 'things' but nothing helped.  Finally, his RN suggested trying Domeboto soaks.  It worked!  So 3+ mths later the last scab finally came off.  Domeboro is an OTC but you usually have to go up to the counter at the pharmacy amd ask for it - at least where I live.   DO NOT USE WITHOUT CHECKING WITH YOUR DR!  It is great for some but certainly not 'right' for all!

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What you are using sounds good but thought I would send this little note about what I rub on my head.  I rub coconut oil on my head and my face.  I was blond/grey and now with my hair starting to come back it is light and dark.  I tease my kids that I am going to look like a dalmatian.  Always wanted dark hair because my mom had it.  Now at 70 years of age maybe I will be blest with at least some of it dark.



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Yes!! Coconut Oil, Teatree, Vitamin E & B and so many more can work wonders on skin and scalp.

Excellent tip for the nose-drip or anywhere else moisture discomfort may happen

Hot Flashes... sounds crazy but Id be under a blanket wearing only my underwear and a winter hat so when the Heat starts I can pull the blanket & hat off quick, then when it subsides just slap it back on. They have these wonderful things called Poise Pads I believe.. they are like little baby wipes for those of us having hotflashes. Give them a try, I keep a small pack in my bag incase I have a bad one while Im at work or something.


Neuropathy pain.. corn starch, might sound old fashioned but very cooling and soothing when your hands & feet feel like they are on fire all the time.


Keepem Coming!!

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