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multiple unrelated cancers in the same individuals

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Is anyone aware of research into multiple unrelated cancers in the same individuals? In the last five years I have had uterine cancer, thyroid cancer, and a melanoma skin cancer without family history or apparent environmental or behavioral risks.

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of any but it sure doesn't seem fair.  I've had garden variety skin cancer and endometrial cancer.  My dermatologist says cancer just likes some people.  Not very reassuring.

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You may not fall into the typical mix of Lynch syndrome folks, but 3 primary cancers in 5 years is a lot.   I had both endometrial and breast cancers (diagnosed at the same time) so I was pretty special.  No one has even suggested anything genetic for me, either, and I have no family history of cancer (except my granddad who had prostate or bladder cancer).  I was told for my 2 cancers that the risk factors are the same - in my case primarily estrogen.  I'm due for a colonoscopy in 2014 and will be uptight about that, even though it will have been 10 years since my last one - with no polyps. 

Once we get a cancer diagnosis, we always wonder why and always seem to be waiting for the next shoe to drop.


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Hi, if so, I would also be interested.  And I have had uterine cancer, thyroid cancer,  and both melanoma (caught very early) and basal cell skin cancer.   Again, no family history of those particular cancers.  MInnie Jan

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do you have access to a naturopath dr that specializes in oncology. They are a nice compliment to the medical team. They look at our bodies to see what defences aren't working.  In particular they work on reviewing our immune system.

i have had this type of dr as part of my team since the start and find it extremely useful.  An example of the type of test they might do is tthe natural kiler cell functinoal assay.  The results show that if  you are low is says you have an impaired immune surveillance and may explain a predispoition to maliganicies.  This is the end as a naturopath will than work on building up the bodiesl.  What i was explained is that chemo does havoc on our immune system and we need to build that back up


they also do other testings.

just something to consider


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my mom also diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 3, just four months after she was diagnosed with UPSC Stage 3C. She is PR postive and ER negetive. Her oncologist put her on a pill called "Letrozol" and didn't want her to go for any kind of surgeris for another 6 months. He thought if UPSC recure within 6 months then it won't be any point of treating breast cancer. Letrozol works by decreasing the amount of estrogen produced by body. It can slow or stop the growth of cancer cells that need estrogen to grow.



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Has yourmom seen  a gyne oncologist or done a 2nd opinion at a cancer center? I would encourage her to do both.

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yes we had second openion. Why? do you know anyone with the same condition?

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