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I had my bladder removed this year and having to wear a urosomy bag. My question is does anyone know if I would be able to get disability for this?

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I just lost my job, due to the fact that with my leakage I could not perform my customer service duties.  I too am wondering about disability.  What have you found out?

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Hi Debshee,

It would appear that Lisa Mills did not get a reply to her post.

I do not know the circumstances for disability support if you live in the US. I am from Australia, and I have never applied for Disability, as I am retired and on a pension. 

However, in reference to your leakage problem, if you can get a toilet break at least once every 2 hours, and change you bag every two days, or preferably every day, you should not have a leakage problem. I've had a bag for 18 months, and found that I have had a leakage if I have been lazy and left it more than 48 hours between changes. If you toss and turn in bed while connected to the night bag, this can cause the barrier to come unsealed.

I understand that the subject is embarrassing and difficult to discuss, but if your employer is aware of your circumstances and you perform your dutries in an enthusiastic and reliable manner, I'm sure some special arrangements can be agreed to to accommodate your condition. To deny you this could be considered victimisation and unfair treatment.

I hope this is helpful, and I wish you well.


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Due to the very large number of persons dealing very well with bladder cancer, and leading full and productive lives, I seriously doubt that disability would be considered. However, loss of work for a few weeks following what is really major surgery, there might be some "wiggle" room here. Your leakage problems are fixable, and probably due to your being on the start of the learning curve. You'll learn how to control the leaks - check out the http://www.inspire.com/groups/bladder-cancer-advocacy-network/ for info from LOTS of bladder cancer survivors and caretakers. Ask all the questions you want - someone always has the answer.

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