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Survivor here

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Hi all. I have not been here for some time. Dx 2009 right tonsil scc 34 rx 3 cisplatin did it tough like everyone. Weight all back. Saliva 80%. Savoury all back. Sweet 80% back. Considered cured and living a wonderful life. There is hope and life xxxx. Can taste chocolate sometimes x.  Just wanted to say hi x

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pascotty, glad u stopped by.  it is wonderful 2 hear u r do'n so well.  it's posts like your's that remind us we can do it and there is life after cancer.

God bless you,


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Good to hear from you.  Glad all is going well.  Weight, yep mine is going up, guess I will have to cut out the ice cream!

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Glad you are cancer FREE. Hubby same diagnosis and doing well 6 months out. NED at 3 months, next scan Dec 16. hoping that is our Christmans present from the Lord. 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all. For those in the middle of treatment hang in, there are plently more holidays coming for you to eat and enjoy


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Congrats on the good news!!

good to hear from you

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Nice to hear a good update, I hope you left bread crumbs to follow.

Best always,


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Hey pascotty, it is tremendous to hear your great news about your life continuously getting better!  Keep it movin forward, Happy Thanksgiving!


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Awesome news, Congrats and thanks for the update. 

this is again another confirmation that the new radiation equipment from approx 5 years ago along with doc's understanding more the use of chemo's and the huge support from framily, friends and support groups is reducing long term side effects and increasing survivorship. 

i check in often, just don't post much as so many already are posting what i probably would. I love it. 

keep it going everyone. 


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Really appreciate these posts - happy for you and supports those who are in the trenches.


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jim and i
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Lookin good. Congrats on the progress.


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