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double vision : can seeing double be a side effect of chemo has anybody got any information on this?

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any information about chemo or radiotherapy causing bouts of double vision? My husband saw everything double Monday morning, went to emergency , had an mri of the brain but the mri was normal. His vision is back to normal but he's going to have more tests to rule out vascular problems. It happened to him one other time , before his operation when he was having chemo and radiotherapy. thanks a lot, danièle

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Chemo is just an ugly drug that we have to have to treat cancer but it does have vicious side effects. But this happened to me...I was behind on fluids and had taken some zofran too closely together. I had double vision, garbled speech and numbness on my right side and jaw. I was terrified (I'm 46)! I called the dr, had my husband check my blood pressure. No significant sgins pointed to anything. We assume that I was dehydrated which exaggerated the effect of the zofran and after time....I was fine and all effects left. 

Not sure if that helps...but just something that happened to me. 

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hello Tkincaid2,

Thanks for including what happened to you. 

in my husband's case they are still investigating what caused his double vision. he had a second MRI where something did show up on his brain, so now he's taking aspirin and will have yet another MRI beginning of January to determine if it is of vascular origin or not.  They also did a special blood test to rule out other possible causes of double vision.

If you ever have an episode like the one you describe, do go to emergency right away in case it is a stroke. The damage is reversible if you catch it early enough so it is good not to wait . 

All the best,




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