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Hot MRI suggestions?

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I had my breast MRI on Wednesday. I watched a YouTube video ahead of time, so I knew exactly what to expect. And I had the added bonus of the radio headphones. But I was HOT, and u fortunately, I am extremely heat sensitive. I faint, throw up, or have diarrhea, not necessarily in that order! I did keep telling the tech that I was really hot, and she turned on the fans that I think are part of the machine to try to keep you cooler.

But it wasnt enough for me. By the time we finished, I knew the minute I got off the machine and sat in the chair right beside the machine, that I was going to faint. But before I could say anything, the nurse looked at my face and just said, "uh oh." They started packing me in ice. It took just a few minutes of that to make me feel much better.

when I was back to rights, the nurse said my entire head had turned the brightest shade of red she had ever seen. Indeed, I had a an angry red rash on my chest the rest of the day.

But all that ice really helped. So I was wondering, why can't they put ice on the backs of your knees or something like that to keep us from getting that hot in the first place?

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Was it anxiety that made you so hot? The MRI itself shouldn't have. It's usually especially cold in the room. Did the enclosed space bother you? Did you have an IV? If so, they use contrast dye towards the end of the procedure. The parts of your body that are the most vascular will get warm. It feels like you are wetting your pants, but you aren't.

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All of my scans have been in rooms that were very cold.  What was your temp?  Even with majorly elevated temps, there are many options to lower a temp safely in today's world.

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No anxiety and no claustrophobia. The room was slightly cool. I've had iv contrast scans before that had the wet pants feel. That wasnt bad at all.  She did actually warn me that the scan, breast MRI, was going to be hot. I just had a major response to the heat. Definitely unlike any scan I've ever had before. I was dripping sweat.

so I'm guessing this was not typical.

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was like that. I had them pull me out 4 times. She said the fan must not be working right. Now I found one place in the city that has an open one. What a relief that was. Normally I do take a Xanax, but didnt need it with the open air one. I could see the ouside (floor to ceiling windows on the one side). Only way to go!
That last one was the only time I ever got hot like that! Try an open one if they are available.

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