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1 Year Ago....

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Oh what a difference a year makes!  Last year, I was near the end of my treatments for stage 3 tonsil cancer. You all know how I was feeling. 

Today, I am past the treatments and doing so much better!  I am back to work, I have most of my energy back, and my appetite is back.  I am having some minor issues with throat swelling and taste buds but nothing that I can't live with. 

So far, all scopes and scans have shown no evidence of disease! I go for a routine PET scan next Monday.  I am nervous about the upcoming scan but I would truely be surprised if it brings bad news.  I will let you know.

If you are in treatment now, please have faith that there are better times ahead.  You will make it through this and the end will come before you know it.  Please hang in and stay focused on the end results.

Thank you friends for being here each and every day.  You are always here when I need you!!



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Congrats on the year and continued NED!

Agreed, this site knows what not tasting is about, REALLY ABOUT!


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Hi Joanie,

Thanks for dropping in and giving us the high five. Always nice to hear how good life is returned after the battles of treatment. You have a great attitude and that is really important. I'm sure your upcoming scan will be just "routine" and reaffirm what you already know - NED! Don

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As a newbie I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, we all hear from our docs, friends and family members that it'll get better but when we hear it from someone who was in our shoes just a year ago... well it makes me feel so much better, so I just want to say again, THANK YOU SO MUCH. and Please keep us up to date as I know I'll be grateful and may I say, living through your success.

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You got it going on sista....

Congrats, try to stay on the non-scanxiety train...., as my ole buddy KCASS says, BELIEVE...

If you remember, I too was STGIII Tonsils in January 2009..., now nearly five years later, life is good... It does get easier each year...


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Hey Joanie, it's great to hear that you are a year down the road with the treatments behind you, and getting into a new normal.  It is always a great feeling to be able to get back into living life and doing the things we did before the epic beast battles.  Best Wishes for another NED under your belt.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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