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So Thankful

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 I am so gratful for all of your experiences, input and sharing!  May God bless all of you!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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I feel the very same way!  I am thankful for the kindness of so many people whom I've never met personally, but who I count among my friends.  It truly is amazing how a group of people can come together to support each other!  I hope everyone on this board has a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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It truely is one of the blessings we receive by taking this journey.  I too am so very grateful for the amazing people that have become part of my life through this experience.  Be safe and well this holiday and always.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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I am thankful this website was developed.  Even though I did not know of this site during my treatments during 2008 I think this site is most helpful for those of us post treatment and those with new diagnosis.  Hopefully we can help ease the stress with those newly dignosed with this awful disease.  January will be my 5 year post treatment anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

May everyone have a safe and stress free Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your loved ones and enjoy the simple things in life.


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Posts: 4105
Joined: Jan 2010

That is so awesome that your 5-year anniversary is soon approaching!  I hope you'll remind us when the actual date rolls around so we can send you lots of virtual high-fives and hugs!  Like you, I did not know at the time of my diagnosis and treatment that such a support site existed.  It was a terribly lonely feeling.  I'm so glad we can all come together to help each other through the challenges we face.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!

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