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Help! - New PEG tube

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I just got a new PEG tube today - my old one was leakng. This one is bigger (24) and shorter - AND DOESN'T have a clamp.

What do I do?  How do I "feed" without everything coming out?  First try - what a mess!  Of course, Doc's office is closed for the weekend.


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My husband's first PEG tube had a clamp.  Second one doesn't but at the top when you close the caps it is fine and nothing comes out.  When he is ready for a feeding he just holds the tube up and opens one of the caps and does his feeding.  We were scared at first and asked about the difference but we were told they all all different.  He has had this PEG tube since May 2012 and hasn't had a problem with it.  Hope this helps you.  He also tapes it up on his stomach so it doesn't hang down. 


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Totally forgot if I keep it high - it shouldn't leak.  I guess I panicked when it started coming out.  Have a call in to the GI doc on call to find out - but they haven't called back - I won't worry about it - (except for the part where they didn't call back).

Oh - and I have a little bit of of voice - I was so excited.  Hope it just isn't the steroids talking.

I do have to get the dilation done now every 3-4 weeks - And I had general anestheisa and was intubated - so not quie the simple procedure any more. The doc wants to be sure I can swallow my saliva.

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Go to Walgreens or CVS and buy an Enema bag with the hose. On the hose it will have a white clip use to stop the flow and start it again. This clips with fit your PEG tube so you can feed with out getting it all over you. I had to replace mine a few times and that is what I did.


If you need contact me, my e-mail is on my Post.

Just another bump in life.

Tim Hondo

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I checked out the enema bag clamps.  They won't work, because they need to go over the tube, but won't fit over the feed port and balloon inflator thingy.

I did find something called a Lopez Enteral Valve.  Once I get it hooked up, i can turn the flow off and on.  Worked when I took my meds this evening.

Once thing I am concerned about now, is that the tube is slipping into my belly.  The 6cm mark was visible and now it is disappearing.

Why Why Why does this always happen on a long weekend?


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Hey lornal, I've been PEGGIN for 13 years now, and I have never had or used a clamp; my last tube change was this past September.  When I use the tube I just hold and crimp it, put the funnel in let go and pour, and then do the reverse when I'm done.  I tape it to my chest to secure it, and if I am doing something active and sweaty, e.g. running, hiking, etc, I wear an UnderArmour "compression shirt," which, with the tape, holds it more securely in place.  My tube is about a foot long, and I don't know the diameter.  Your situation with a shorter 24 may be a lot different than mine, so my information may not be of any help for you.  One way or another, I do hope that you are able to find a solution quickly, as it sounds like you aren't having a lot of fun with the way it is.  Happy Thanksgiving, and best wishes for happier feeding times.


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