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Cora arrived!

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Joined: May 2012

So our sweet baby girl arrived a little earlier than expected yesterday. My water broke yesterday morning at 2:30 am & she was born at 4:15pm. She was only 36 weeks & 5 days which is preterm so she is being monitored in the NICU until her breathing is under control. She was a very healthy weight of 6lb 10 oz & has a head full of dark hair. I will post a picture when we get home & get settled but we are so thankful for our special little one & feel so blessed to be able to bring her into this world after struggling through cancer treatment last year.

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!!


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Very happy all is well. You all must be trilled and relieved.  Could not have received a better holiday gift.  Don

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What a blessing you have to be thankful for. Congratulations

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Joined: Mar 2012

I am so happy for you!!  I'm glad too, that I've been on here long enough to follow this new babe from the day you annouced you were pregnant, till today....

Can hardly wait to see pics.....LOVE the name, Cora.


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Meagan, that is absolutely wonderful!!!!  What a fantastic give for Thanksgiving.  I'm sure Cora will be breathing fine b4 u know it.  I'm glad she was a good birth weight.  That's a plus.  Congrats to u and ur family.  Have a veery Happy Thanksgiving.

God bless you,


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What wonderful news!


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You truely have one.....



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Congradulations on the new addition. Life is good.


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Joined: Oct 2013

Wonderful news - beautiful - what a really nice post to read - all the best


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Joined: May 2013

Congrats to you and your family!  I can't wait to see pics!!!

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Ingrid K
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So happy to hear your good news......

(seems like it was just the other day you mentioned you were expecting her--time flies)

She will be just fine -- that is a very good weight !!

waiting for the pics.

congrats to all.



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congratulations .....How wonderful for you,your light and joy after a difficult time.  that news made me feel warm inside

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As your CSN family we can't wait to see pics and watch her grow. God is good.


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Ruben and Jude
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What a blessing. Congratulations.  Laughing

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jim and i
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I pray she continues to grow strong and healthy and you too.



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on the birth of your sweet Cora.

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You are living proof that life is good and moves forward after cancer.  I am so HAPPY and EXCITED for you and the family !  WELCOME Cora !  Can't wait to see the pictures hon....we will all feel like proud Aunties and Uncles on site here !  Many hugs sent !  Katie

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