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1 Year out....

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Thursday the 28th (Thanksgiving Day this year) is Kreg's 1 year mark since he completed treatment. He went to his treatment center today for his 1 yr check-up and still CLEAN!! We have a lot to be thankful for this year....was tough last year at this time. But, we got through it and now he can actually EAT some turkey!!

Life has been good! Laughing

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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Cris & Kreg,

It has been a year to remember (or forget).  I guess Kreg will gobble, gobble some turkey.  I imagine he is feeling better all-around.

You better both enjoy NED with all the fixin’s!


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it's been a year, already....(easier said when it's someone else, huh?).  Congratulations to you and Kreg getting a whole year under your belts.....feels good, doesn't it....Laughing.....plus the NED, lots to be grateful for.


josh r.
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Hi Cris and Kreg,

Congratulations to you both on your first year of many of NED. I wish you both and all our brothers and sisters a season of "Thanksgiving". I am so grateful for my and my loved ones good fortune. All the best to all, josh r.


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And have some Turkey for me Turkey..., gobble, gobble....


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cris and kreg, so very happy for you both.  now u can really enjoy the holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving, I'm sure we'll all be saying a little extra this year.

God bless you,


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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and celebrate NED! We are almost a year behind you (just finished rads last week on the 20th), and it feels good to imagine how good things could be in a year. 


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I remember you from last year when you joined this forum. My dad finished treatmend Sept 2012, so it's also been a year already. It's good to hear that everything is clean and clear!! Let this holidays be the celebration of life and love!

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Vanessa....I remember you too. Glad to hear your dad is doing so well. Enjoy the holidays too!


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