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The Power of Your Mind & Attitude

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Throughout my diagnosis of Hodgkins, I never allowed myself to corrupt my mind with the thoughts of death or disease. Not only did I defeat it on the drawn up time fram, but I would play golf after 8 hour chemo sessions. It is trully amazing what tthe human mind can do. The minute you believe you can demolish any road block, your already ahead of the curve.

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I love your "gloves off" attitude toward this subject !  I was considered probably clinically dead at an accident scene 26 years ago (but revived).  During my 25-day stay in ICU, I heard myself "Coded" for a crash cart -- an odd thing to listen to.  Then, five years ago, the cancer thing.

 My personal motto is the same as the State Motto of South Carolina: "While I Breath, I Hope." 

 If I am still breathing, I am still fighting !


A blessed Thanksgiving,



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