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"Guardedly optimistic"

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we got a 3 month reprieve; our visit to the oncologist was encouraging. He explained how cyber radiation works so that the met that appears on the T11 is unchanged or stable.

he explained that if and when it wants to grow, the radiation will kill it. 

Scans were otherwise clean and he, as well as the surgeon were pleasantly surprised at the grade 2 cells and good margins.

more scans at the end of February but his gut feeling (i pressed for that) is that this cancer is slow-growing although he told us how unpredictable renal cancer is and some of the weird recurrences he has seen.

at this point, he does not see the need for meds, wanting to save them in the future if needed. It will take me a while to take this in.


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Yes, yes, and yes..!!   Great news Sarah..!!  Now go celebrate..!!


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So happy for you! Savor it and enjoy! It almost sounds like you are taking it and waiting for the other shoe to drop...a bi-product of good news, isn't it?

Take care!


Hey Ron!! I noticed the snazzy new logo you have there....looking good!



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yes, cancer is often waiting for the other shoe to drop but we have accepted that as part of our lives.

today was a GREAT day and we are going to savor it until the end of February when we will get another round of scans.

@Ron, celebrate indeed!!!! Planning a vacation in January to a warm beach; either Baja (too commercialized but there are still a few places which are untouched) or Costa Rica. 

And more immediately we will gather at my sister-in-laws where all of my husband's family will be. We will certainly have a lot of gratitude to share. The guests number over 50 and they are all family.


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...just a warm place to relax and say "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Could use some of that myself! I have been thinking about it a lot since we haven't had a chance to go on a honeymoon yet - oh wait! Everyday is a honeymoon! LOL

Enjoy your vacation and enjoy your time with your family!



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Continued healing and hoping~


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Stable is good. We accept stable. Book a nice vacation.

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Guardedly optimistic is a very cool place to be - Not taking any meds is even better!  - BDS


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It seems to me that you have cancer pretty much locked in a box and if it sticks it's head out you are prepared to put it out of it's misery .

Enoy your travels and have lots of fun .


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I'm so happy for you and your husband!  Now you can have peace of mind that all is well.  Enjoy the holidays.  Thank you for sharing the information re cyberknife.

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