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Happy Thanksgiving

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Seems like the holidays come faster every year - well for those of us over 50 Wink.  

As usual with my family, Thanksgiving is three days away and we're not sure what we're doing yet but I'm certain some of us will converge somwhere - probably at my niece's in Virginia who has six children ranging from diaper age to senior in high school.  It will be loud with children "cuttin' up" and getting "goofy child drunk" with the excitement of decorating for Christmas.  Somebody will spill food on the floor and the dog will rush over to lick it up while being scolded not to do so.  It won't exactly be a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting and there won't be fine china (how do you do that with a gazillion kids?), but it will a fine gathering with plenty of food, craziness (I'm not the only one with that gene) and memorable times.  Thanks to the tryptophan in the turkey and my ativan prescription, I'll take it all in stride - probably falling asleep temporarily on the sofa amidst the cacophony.  Later a small hand will grab my cheek and there will be a wee voice pleading "Uncle Jim, can I play a game on your Kindle?".  I will open my eyes and see the smiling faces of two or three more children eagerly awaiting my answer.  I will think "I wish I had their energy" and will pull out the Kindle, enter the password and let them have at it - that should keep them busy until the battery runs out (yeah, right).

I am thankful for many things - not the least of them is this site and you guys.  For those of you somewhere early in this "journey", hang in there.  I wish hope, love, strength and laughter to be your constant companions. 

I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving,

Hugs - Jim



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Thank you Jim for your kind thoughts for all of us.  We are thankful for you everyday.


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Hi Jim,

  Thank you for such a warm thoughtful Thanksgiving message! Same to you my friend! Sounds like a perfectly delightful day is in store for you. This will be the first year that Steve and I will be alone cooking just for ourselves. The boys have plans and the older grandkids as well. We are fine with it, as we realize extended family enjoys their company as much as we do, and it's only right to share. I have no doubt they will all stop in before heading home, probably for pie or a snack. Smile. I too am grateful everyday for this wonderful group of people here at CSN. Here's wishing "ALL" a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Much love...Sue 

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Happy Thanksgiving Jim

Sending you bountiful wishes for a happy and healthy holiday.

Big Hugs to you


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