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Tenderness after Lumectomy?

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Vermont Lady
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Hi All!

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 IDC.  I had a lumpectomy in June (no lymph involvement) and completed 33 rad treatments in August.  Healing from the surgery and the rads went well.  I still have alot of tenderness in my breast.  Im post menopausal, but the best way I can explain it, is it feels similar to the type of tenderness before a menstrual cycle.  I saw my surgeon last month and he said that everything looks good, and that the discomfort is from scarring and the effects of radiation.  Any similar experiences???



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First let me welcome you to our group. Although none of us really want to be here, it is a great place for support and information.

I also had a lumpectomy and 33 rads. I am now over 3 years out from treatment and still have tenderness in my breast and also under my arm where the nodes were removed. I don't know if it will ever go away but it has gotten better over time.

Glad to hear that everything is going well for you.



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Vermont Lady
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Thanks Georgia. I guess every little thing makes me worry.  Congrats on 3 years!!  Hope all continues to go well.



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I had two lumpectomies ONE five years ago and one last NOV (exaclty a year). I have tenderness-all the time. (such as if I lean on something ) I noticed due to scar tissue when I REACH I can feel tightness (not sure but noticable). I dont' suspect it will ever go away. (NOT painful at all) I just feel/ know surgery site and tender.

I too had radiation!


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that you have tenderness and soreness. I am too have tenderness, soreness, and I feel itichy inside. I thought that maybe this was not normal. I too had a lumpectomny than another surgery for clear margins and 33 rad treatments. The radiation treatments went fine, a little burn but not to the point of peeling. I just put on lotion after every treatment and at night.

Take Care.


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Hi. The bad news is you probably will always have some kind of tenderness or slight recurring pain BUT the good news is you are Not Crazy and you are NOT alone! we all have it! That strange feeling.. I also have had what I have come to call "Phantom" Aches.. Its almost as if every once in a while my breast starts to look for the part that has been removed.. there is a dull ache, sometimes throbbing as if my nerves or ducts are saying "Hey! where did that piece go??"

I have found warm compresses to be soothing when its really bad. Other than that I just try to ignore it.

Good Luck

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