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PXA with or w/o anaplastic features & BRAF mutation

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I am just trying to do some research, I was wondering if anyone one here who has been diagnosed with a pxa w/ or w/o anaplastic features also has the BRAF mutation and what your course/experience has been like.

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My wife has PXA with anaplastic features and was put on Vemurafinib(Zelboraf) this past June.  It seemed to work until maybe September, it could have been the radiation that was working though because she received radiation March-April.  But it caused lots of skin reactions but that was the worst of it.  She had a recurrence in Oct though so they stopped the Vemurafinib.

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Interesting. I hadn't heard of that med but looked it up briefly and seems like it's mainly used for melanoma, my doctor mentioned that if my tumor came back despite radiation/temodar then they could try meds that are more commonly used for melanoma since melanomas have the braf mutation

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