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Sinus infection

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Anyone else having sinus infections after radiation in that area?  I seem to be on a once a month sinus infection here.  Calling ENT tomorrow.

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I can’t add anything of substance, but you know I think radiation should have some lingering good points, like no more sinus infections.

Not to jinx myself but I have been dodging colds and flu for the past 2 years and I am afraid of how bad it might be. 

I know, take 2 aspirins and thread me in the morning.



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I have one.  I feel like I do and I'm getting the nice morning nosebleeds about every day.  Fun times!  :)  

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My ENT Dr suggested doing this twice a day and they did help me from getting them all the time. I've been through rads twice and yes those infections will be common if you've had radiation in your sinus cavity like I have. Hope this helps.

john j

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I do the nasal rinse but not 2 times a day.  Finally got over the feeling that I was trying to drown myself!  After my first go around my nose ran uncontrollably, I kept tissue with me at all times, I couldn't feel it, let people know to let me know I needed the tissue.  Second go around was at my neck, so sinus was not involved. Orbital exenteration last year (November 2012), sinus abcess just as I started treatment (2 weeks in), surgery and then more chemo and rads.  By September it was found on the nerves in my cheek, Cyberknife.  I do have an MRI scheduled for Dec. 17 and I will also see the doctors that day also.  I just keep getting the sinus infections, luckily I feel no pain on that side of my face, numb from surgeries.

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I do the sinus rinse every couple of days.  I still get thick phlem....when it gets bad the saline rinse helps.  Ann

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